The end of Mills College and its massively influential experimental music scene?

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Well that sucks. BTW-- they put out some cool records over the years:


This is a real tragedy. There was no music department like this one. I got to teach there for a term, and it was really fun. I can’t count the number of friends and colleagues who have come through there. I hope the people, instruments and archives end up in a safe and accessible place, at least. Among other things, the San Francisco Tape Music Center is a critical piece of local history with global importance.


My wife attended and also worked at Mills (not in music)…this will make her very sad.


Not from your part of the world but this news really saddens me.

To see a continual erosion of creative enterprises in academia is painful to bare witness to.

I went as a mature age student (25!) to what was considered a ‘low rent’ university in Melbourne - La Trobe. At the time in the late 80’s we had some of the best minds teaching my subjects music and cinema studies… many from the US and Canada. Mixing with students from the more established Universities I found a common jealous note about how more contemporary our courses were not mired in irrelevant traditions but more modern practices… the work of Harry Partch, Cage, Messian, Public Enemy, Stockhausen, Hank Williams, Ellington, Boulez…

The access to teachers, instruments and technology changed my life… that all got kicked out of the university with economic rationalism in the 90’s.

Would love to see upcoming musicians, thinkers and writers having the same opportunity.

Oh, and it was free!


I thought this was a local take, but it appears to be a “reprint” of the NYT story.

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