"X-Ray Film": avant-garde 1968 short with avant-jazz soundtrack


Comparing it to nails on chalkboard would be understating how irritating that soundtrack is.

I actually kind of loved it. It wouldn’t have been the same without that uncomfortable music.

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I think it was just “avant,” no “jazz.”

(EDIT: Not meant as a snark… I really don’t hear any connection to jazz.)

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I think it is jazz, but I wouldn’t know how to describe the category. Avant garde Jazz is actually a category: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avant-garde_jazz I always thought this type of work was called experimental jazz, but I’ve never studied music.

I would put this in the avant jazz category, though an argument could be made for this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_jazz category.

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Had an interesting thought. Is Luke Vibert’s Dischordzilla from Stop The Panic a reference to this music? Good Halloween music, in any case.

This sounds more like what I would call academic music, if that’s what we’re going to talk about here. The violinist is definitely classically trained. It is the sort of music that comes out of university music departments. “Way out there” in some mid-western sense. This was the era of Lamont Young and Terry Riley. So “real” avant garde music did not sound like this. “Free” Jazz would be entirely improvised and would strictly avoid any resemblance to normal music. This sound like “serious” musicians having a lark.

Also, I started at UCLA in 1974. So I think I can say with some authority that people did in fact, wear shoes at all times on campus during this period.

Well, it isn’t Zorn or Stockhausen, neither is it Davis. Not quite difficult music, definitely not Kenny G. The boundaries are soft in these arbitrary categories.

And some of my earliest memories are walking on UCLA campus with my dad in 1971 - I may have been barefoot! :grin:

That’s what I mean. It doesn’t sound like ‘real’ avant garde. It sounds like someone playing at avant garde, and not very seriously. I wish I had that music id app. I am sure it is from a record. There is a lot of music at that divide. I have heard it played by the best and can unequivocally say that, in my opinion, it sucks as a variety of expression. Disneyfied expressionism.

Shazam tells me it is Henk Badings’ Capricio for Violin and two sound tracks.

wiki says: “A prolific artist, he had produced over a thousand pieces at the time of his death. He died in Maarheeze in 1987.”

On second listen it is not so bad. Maybe a bit of cliche because of its age. First strains are just too damn familiar.

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I don’t hear any samples, but this has Wagon Christ written all over it. I’d be dammed if Luke didn’t sample Henk Badings at some point. Sounds awfully familiar.

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