The EU hired a company that had been lobbying for the Copyright Directive to make a (completely batshit) video to sell the Copyright Directive

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Eurosceptics are already right though! Everything about Article 13 and 11, from the disinformation campaigns to the outright dismissing of public protest is direct proof the so-called European project is one giant SCAM! All a scam by fascist Corporations hell bent on taking over the world and silencing the people by pulling the plug on the internet! Basically the world is the internet now and those who control the internet controls the world! That is the Corporations who run the EU end game!

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Watched it. #SaveYourInternet
What a piece of patronizing plummy-accented low-budget drek.
“Don’t worry, your memes are safe…”
[anonymous white hand scrolling phone]
“…enhances the power of creatives…”
[anonymous white guy with synthesizer]
Frame after frame of middle-aged Caucasians in suits…
…Alex Voss babbling about things he doesn’t understand in English with German subtitles…
Whoever paid for this – apparently the unwitting Euro taxpayers – wuz robbed.

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