The euphemisms news reporters use when a sports figure injures his penis and testicles


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I passed this awesome piece on to my friend “Dick Hurtz”.


I sent one down to the Antarctic research base to my absent-minded friend Ignatius Calvin (of the Vienna Wiener family) - he forgot to pack his underwear, of course.


Sad to see the Nads getting so little media coverage…


I thought The Nads were blue?


I want a complete breakdown on the 41 “other phrases”. In the meantime…


The real story here is the distinct difference between “new media” and “trad media.”


What the “L”? :wink:


Nobody has better euphemisms than the ghost of Billy Idol.


When it comes to ones tallywacker, I enjoy the use of euphemisms. When I am at the doctor I prefer to hear the words testicle, urethra, and vas deferens. When I read about someone’s painful but ultimately survivable crotchtal injury, I don’t mind seeing words like anaconda, big lebowski, or dangly bits.


Well the rug does tie the room together.


I prefer Spanish slang … which includes, at least in 1980’s Yucatan, “huevos”.


Hey, I sent a copy to Rodney H. Johnson, but he’d already seen it.

The H stands for Hammer …





“Giving him the business.”


Let’s have a little wedding tackle dignity and decorum around here folks, and let us dangley bits not turn this discussion into a forum for euphemisms frank and beans for the male genitalia.


These statistics are junk


What about ‘gentlemen’s area’, as favoured by the likes of James May?