The EU's new Link Tax bans the use of Creative Commons and open access for news

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So did this Axel Voss added a poison rider to deliberately kill the Copyright Directive?

Brought to you by Greed and Control.


The point is that if I choose to give away my creative work product freely, under the proposed law I am guilty of unfair competition with those who make a profit from similar things.

Is copyright an inalienable right, so that I cannot give it away? Well, then I answer, if it is inalienable, then your authors, programmers, artists, inventors and musicians, who sold you publishers their rights, similarly own them inalienably. That sword cuts both ways.

If I cannot give away my property, I do not own it. Most of what I do in the open source world, I do out of a sense of social obligation. Trying to outlaw charity is depraved.


He’s the rapporteur for the Copyright Directive.
He’s your run-of-the-mill conservative who doesn’t quite know what he’s voted for, but he thinks he’s doing good for artists and journalists. Maybe he is even getting paid for it, who knows.


Why would they call it “Rectal 32?”

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So as not to be confused with the other ass holes


i, i, i, i…
i, i, i, i…
i don’t know

(to the tune of I Like You Very Much, by Carmen Miranda)

(Do you see what i did there?)

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I wonder what will happen when the EU realizes that as far as the Internet is concerned, they don’t exist anymore.


@doctorow’s link on “Article 11” is back to this article. Clever.

For those of us interested in the text of the article, is there an actual link? A casual duckduck search leads only to other blogs. (I want to see the technical definition of “news”, as I run an academic journal where the articles are CC licensed and we encourage links to us.)

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What a friggen nightmare. So many enemies.

This reminds me of a post a few years ago on Facebook, where I joked about Cory Doctorow being prosecuted for self-publishing a book, rather than using one of the big publishers. I hope I didn’t give them any ideas.

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