The Exorcist director's new documentary about a "real" exorcism


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The mentally ill have long been the play things of the clergy, nothing new here.


if a patient comes in and says they are possessed by a demon or a devil, they don’t tell them that they are not….They do whatever psychiatric treatment they think is necessary, including medication. And they bring an exorcist in.

I am not savvy but is this ethical? I ask purely out of ignorance and curiosity. Should a mental health professional play along with a patient’s delusions?


As a Dad with a daughter with some serious anxiety issues, I understand damned well why – in the absence of modern science and medicine – someone would think their kid is possessed by demons. Pharma and therapy gave me my kid back, but I can’t look back on into the history of the Church and not see why people turned to it for help.


Just make sure you pay the exorcist’s bill. You don’t want to get repossessed.


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