The Expanse season four arrives on December 14th

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Being on the Amazon platform may make it less accessible than it was, but it beats outright cancellation. Looking forward to the new season.


I absolutely love the Expanse series, best SciFi television in a long time.

That said this season 4 is based on the book from the book series which caused me to stop reading the Expanse series of books. :neutral_face: I’ll still watch the season, but imho the books lost their way here.

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I’m going to have rewatch last season I think because I’m a little confused by some of the stuff in that trailer. I mean I know that planet is one of the ones made accessible by the gate but why is that moment of them landing on it supposed to be so dramatic, especially for Dominique? It’s clear it’s already been explored and even colonized so it’s not like it’s a first contact moment. And the trailer makes it seem like they’re there for her sake.

Season three was SO GOOD.


I thought 4-6 were definitely the low spots for the series, but fwiw it’s picked back up in 7 & 8.

It’s a little difficult at times to suspend disbelief about all the events spread over multiple star systems and tens of billions of people centering around the same six or seven people over the course of decades, but oh well.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but the part about Dominique landing is pretty simple. She’s lived in low gravity all her life. Full gravity can literally be torture for Belters.


For her, as a Belter, that moment was the first time in her life that she set foot on a world outside of a pressure suit, and first time with full 1g likely too. So imagine first time stepping out of your house into the “outdoors” with a huge sky over your head, and no bubble around your face


Ah, yes. That makes sense. Cool


Stoked !!

Very good series, glad it got a new lease on life.

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ugh why are all the best shows starting so very very late in the season, between this and picard happening so late there will be so little to watch in the fall

In the UK, until Amazon bought it, the only way to watch was to wait six month to a year for Netflix to show a series (and I don’t think they ever had season 3). So this actually makes it slightly more accessible for us. Even though I have Prime I’ll probably still download it, because the Prime interface is rubbish.

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theres a clip, which shows naomi after the landing on new terra; she never set a foot on the surface of a planet her whole life, right? maybe exept for some jupiter and/or saturn moons with lower gravity.

clip (not very spoilery, just shows the landing of the roci and some of the first colony on new terra (and some artifacts in the distance, JAY!):

looks pretty great.


Yeah, the clip doesn’t really show how unpleasant it was for her. She’d had exposure to more gravity than some belters, but only full G while laying down in an acceleration couch. It was also the first time she’d ever been under an open sky without a suit.

In the book at least she spends most of that story arc dealing with the crisis in orbit while other crew members deal with the crisis on the surface (of COURSE everyone is dealing with crises).

Naturally there’s a breakdown of the trailer. (No spoilers.)

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< stagewhisper>I know that, and you know that. But we don’t speak of these things around people who haven’t read the books.< /stagewhisper>

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