The Falsum: a free, open brand for the anti-⊥rump Resistance


I have found that the font support is lacking for the perpendicular symbol in comparison to the uptack/falsum/eet when using unicode. I was surprised by this, though my testing is limited and I wasn’t using HTML entities. Regardless, it presents (essentially) the same!

┴ ᚆ ﬩ ⊥ ⟂ ┷ ⫠ᗮ

There’s one for everyone!

Edit: Oh! “Perp” got it. Ha!


I would rather pay the $575 and $368 to PBS and the NEA and funding for the women’s programs and all the stuff the TGOP and 45 hate. The military and corporations can get by on $22.36 just fine.


Roger That!


Two pieces of broad painter’s tape.

Quickly applied, more quickly removed if you have a sudden need to blend in.



I see a duck waiting patiently with its arms folded…




Probably stating the obvious, but that’s Thor’s hammer… And yes it was around before that stupid movie. It’s worn to varying degrees as a fashion item, cultural statement, or actual religious symbol. I’ve seen disproportionally many neo-nazis wear those, probably mostly as a symbol of rejecting the “judeo-christian culture”; but also some very likeable people do. In any case, I think it’s too much of an honor for Trump.


There’s a very open Nazi element in Asatru/Heathenry/Northern European Neo-Paganism because they seem to think it’s a “white religion for white people”. What a bunch of pathetic losers.

True dat.


Now, how do I get this on my phone when texting…?

I can find ə, but ¡ can’t find ⊥ on the different soft keyboards.

Also, anyone familiar with the usage?
Would it be like this?

Obama wiretapped the candidate -> ⊥

Btw, the statement “This /bot is a /perp” could have become my a latex hose EOD reaction to trumptwitter. If I hadn’t walked away from twitter due to trumptwitter.


Highjacking mathematical notation for political statements? Is nothing beyond the reach of politics?

Well, in logic, ⊥ is used to denote falsehood, hence the name falsum.
So “⊥” is equivalent to “A ∧ ¬A” or “2 + 2 = 5”. Whenever you say “⊥” as a single statement by itself, you are either lying or you are badly confused.

It’s interesting to use it together with logical implication (“⇒”). The interesting thing about logical implication is that anything can follow from a falsehood.
“If 2 + 2 = 5, then I am the pope” is a true statement regardless of whether I am actually the head of the Catholic Church or not.

⊥ ⇒ Obama wiretapped the candidate
can be read as “Trump says, Obama wiretapped the candidate”.
Note this is true regardless of whether Trump is lying, making things up, confused, or telling the truth for once. He said it.

If we flip things around, they’re different:
Obama wiretapped the candidate ⇒ ⊥
(Read as “Obama wiretapped the candidate, says Trump”)
This actually means that Obama didn’t wiretap the candidate.

In denotational semantics of programming languages, ⊥ is called “bottom” and denotes the result of a program that fails to compute a value. Programs that terminate with an error, and programs that do not terminate at all. Meaningless programs.
So, if ⊥ is the president of the US, that means that this is an abnormal condition, either American democracy has crashed or it is caught in a never-ending infinite loop.

One more warning about ⊥: There are some programs which are obviously ⊥, and others which are obviously not ⊥. But in general, it is impossible to tell. You can run a program, and if it produces a result, you know it’s not ⊥. But if it hasn’t produced a result yet, you cannot know if it will produce a result tomorrow or never at all. This is known as the “Halting Problem”.
For politics, this means that you can never know if a politician is going to bring about world peace and happiness soon, or if he’s equivalent to ⊥rump.


Plus a lot of anti-Nazi, sometimes violently anti-Nazi, pagans. I agree that you have to be careful, but that doesn’t mean “all Norse neo-pagans are Nazis”.


Never said it did. :slight_smile: But there are way too many of the fuckwits about.


I’m glad I did get that right, besides the ⇒ which I could not type on mobile and which was obnoxiously refuseing marking for copypasting due to dreadful touchscreen usability.

Your post, @zathras, is very helpful. Especially the warning of potential misunderstandings, the meaninglessness of terminating programs outpout, and the unbeknownstness of to ⊥ or not to ⊥ of the results in a process before the output-generating procedure.

Thank you for getting to the ⊥ of this. I raise my glass of ⊥ to you, and will see how the falsum develops.


Sorry, I misunderstood- I thought you meant “an element of the belief system” rather than “an element among its followers”.


S’all good. I coulda made that bit a lot clearer as well. :blush:


Yes, it is a Thor’s hammer. I was unfamiliar with the Nazi connotations and was more aware of the Pagan Deathmetal motif, point taken. Any ritual to send him back would help.


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