The FBI keeps boasting about all its "domestic terror" arrests, but it can't name a single one

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It seems everyone has lost the ancient art of reading between the lines.

They may have identified someone as domestic terrorist, but as it was a white supremacists (s)he was only charged and booked with stuff like violating parking rules for the semtex truck, buding code for the underground arms stash etc…

Identified 90 domestic terrorists and helped to arresting them, actually arrested “terrorists”, zero!


Just think, if not for the heroic efforts of the FBI we might now be living through a violent White Supremacist uprising, with innocents regularly gunned down in our schools and streets and places of business.


LMGTFTFBI: Wesley David Gilreath, Larry Mitchell Hopkins, Kevin Lyndell Massey, Patrick Syring

There’s four. Just need 86 more. How hard could it be?


It’s probably difficult to separate the domestic terrorists from the domestic freedom fighters and the domestic patriots. They need to start identifying themselves somehow.


IIRC, good old Senator Joseph McCarthy would say “I have here a list in my hand of 206 known Communists working in the State Department and shaping its policies.” The exact number of perfidious Reds supposedly working for Moscow was always changing and the list was never actually shown to anyone. Just be assured that the senator did have a list as “real” as the FBI’s.


Maybe it was those cases where they find some screwball, talk them up a bit, hand them a dummy bomb, and then arrest them?


I knew some folks who were FBI analysts. Said that foiled terror attacks were more common than we ever heard about as civilians.

Would not elucidate more. Or why the secrecy.

But the weird thing is that criminal charges are typically a matter of public record. How do we not hear about it more?

Consider the waters muddier after this post.


So zero, none, nada arrests, saying top secret, can’t tell you, means there are no arrests.


See, the only way that’s possible is if they’re either getting guys they bust by planting fake drugs, so they don’t want to tell from fear of running that case, it they’re blacksiting these guys of to nowhereland.

Either way I’m mildly concerned.

Alt-Right takeaway: See they’re just lying about there being a white supremacist terrorist problem! This proves it! DEEP STATE!

Top Men, on the case.


Seriously, investigating and rounding up the most dedicated of Il Douche’s base voters would probably not go over well with AG Barr. Or his boss. So the answer is to talk about how much the FBI is doing while effectively doing jack shit. That sounds like a doable plan. :face_vomiting:

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Foiling a plan and having enough evidence to make charges stick are two different things. It is plausible the FBI sniffing around and questioning people is enough to make would-be terrorists think twice.

Surveillance and intimidation is bad when it’s being used against civil-rights groups, but great when it’s discouraging actual terrorists.

Nothing new here. It has been going on for over a hundred years now. KKK hanging innocent men and women, burning churches and destroying communities? Meh. Patriotic supporters of businesses busting unions and assassinating union leadership? Whatever.

The government and the legal system ignores all that.

Agitate for women’s rights, for unions, for the minimum wage? Why you are a dangerous Red. A Communist agitator who must be put down.

Reformers die while the useful idiots live under both parties for centuries and blaming the useful idiots the President and his supporters is counter productive. Unless one is willing to blame both the Obamas and the Clintons and the Bushes and the Trumps and both political parties, one is a tool.

As been noted many times before from across the political spectrum and talking about the Democratic and Republican Parties’ administrations, the criteria for what a “terrorist” and “terrorism”’ are is vague; then there are the many mentally ill or regular just losers who somehow magically get bombs, guns, and a plan when often the individuals have problems tying their shoes or making a meeting.

After multiple wars, destroyed countries, an increasingly omnipresent police state being used by every administration, I have to wonder just who are the terrorists and who are the enemies of Americans. Somehow I don’t think it’s Joe Sixpack of the KKK, or Josh Goofball of the Antifa. Both of them are just convenient stooges.

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