The US Government's domestic spy-planes take weekends and holidays off


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The terrorists didn’t win on 9/11, but they sure seem to have won at some point in the ~15 years hence.

Your government is fucking terrified.


…almost all terrorist plots in the USA are stings being run by the FBI…

I suppose I knew that, but it never really occurred to me. I wonder if it would be a crime to counter-troll? Just suck up their time and energy with people who have no intention of actually doing anything?


That’s the thing: the “stung” terrorist plots are targeting people who have no intention of actually doing anything until prompted to do so by the FBI.

So, job done?


Creepy. I just watched the track of a plane that circled my neighborhood for hours.


Certainly almost every arrest I’ve seen reported has been the result of a sting.

I’m sure there are untold legions of actual terrorists being stopped by LEA, but that’s all classified unlike the numerous cases of framing angry guys who couldn’t possibly organize any type of attack without FBI handholding.


Sounds like being arrested for resisting arrest.

The point is to put the right kind of people behind bars, it’s not really about what they’ve done or what they intend to do.


Excuse me, you are totally wrong here! We have plenty of terrorist plots, they’re just planned and executed by white guys, so we call them “lone wolves” and talk about how we need more guns to protect ourselves from “random violence.”


Interesting. There are three overlapping circles in Chicago, and the exact spot where they converge is an Islamic Community Center.



Regards, US Gov’t


Neat! I bet its fun to fly one of these.

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