All 40 of the FBI & DHS's post-9/11 terror attack warnings fizzled

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One the most despicable things that has been happened is the FBI, luring some half-baked schmuck into being a patsy by selling him weapons or such. Then arresting him and then yelling to the media about how they stopped another horrid terrorist. There would not have been any kind of threat if they had not helped create one. Sort of like a fireman starting a fire, so he can put it and save the day. Disgusting!


They need to show they are doing something to stop the ‘TERRORISTS!!’

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I think the answer to “Why Do Media Still Take FBI Terror Warnings Seriously?” is obvious. Fear sells papers and brings views to tv news just as effectively as it promotes the FBI agenda.


If these “alerts” didn’t have the desired effect of boosting/maintaining budgets, then they’d have to resort to making serious incidents actually happen. It’s the same reason we catch-and-release violent criminals yet jail drug offenders for so long.


Two things: just prior to the 07/04 weekend I noticed a local b’more news station (CBS, IIRC, but don’t recall the channel) talking about FBI warnings of a possible ISIS attack in Baltimore. This rings entirely of the previous presidential administration’s “super reddish-orange-chartreuse with sparkles” warnings.

I also caught FBI Director Comey’s recent interview in which he spoke about the need to defeat or degrade end-to-end encryption in conjunction with stopping ISIS recruiting efforts in the US. I have to think there are far worse threats to the safety of Americans, especially inside US borders, than ISIS.

Anecdotally, trust in government seems to be at an all-time low (and if I’m feeling froggy, Pew research has probably looked at this issue recently) and yet fearmongering is still used as an appropriate tool to swing the attention of the masses–not exactly a great way to build trust in the state security apparatus. Certainly we’ve learned better ways to confront threats than screaming “watch out for a potential fire” in a crowded theater?


How is supplying a suspect with bomb making equipment not some kind of entrapment?
Does that not apply to the FBI, or are they carefully skirting round the law (eg implying they can supply a bomb, but in such a way that the suspect has to explicitly ask them for help.)

Either way, not a very good track record.


They use paid informants. The informants aren’t FBI employees. Usually, they’re some other poor shmuck who got in trouble with the FBI over something unrelated and were given a deal (work for us and you won’t serve the 15 year sentence the DA can get on the basis of our evidence).

The PIs are usually already part of the culture of the group they’re trying to penetrate, and they’re usually amoral and skilled manipulators. They end up being big brother/father/hero figures to the poor saps the FBI is after, putting them in a perfect position to goad the saps into doing something stupid.


The US has been in imminent peril from terrorist attack ever since we dropped the color-coded threat level system. How do I know how tensed up to be if I don’t know if it’s a green day or a red day? It was pretty much orange all the time, but we always had hope of a glorious green day.


Because shut up, that’s how, Saddam bin Laden!


Fear impairs critical thinking.

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Oh, so it’s like Uber.


Of course 0 for 40 just shows how effective our extra vigilance is at preventing attacks! Good job, America!

As for the successful domestic terrorist attacks against brown people, [mumble mumble] “real Americans” [mumble]… still under investigation…

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Nonsense. They’re not 0 for 40. Just because you didn’t believe them doesn’t mean that lots of Americans weren’t terrified by them.

If everybody’s Congressmember and Senator got a phone call complaining about the FBI’s terrorism every time they tried that nonsense, maybe something would change. Unfortunately, my Senator is Dianne Feinstein, whose reply would be along the lines of “Bwahahahaha! Good for them!”, but maybe some of you have better representation.

Even a green day brought a new kind of tension all across the alienation. Everything isn’t meant to be okay.

We had our little “Terrorist” incident in Sydney a while back. A nutcase, hey a Muslim nutcase, held up a cafe in the middle of the city. A seige for a day, ending in tragedy with the nutcase and two poor people dead.

Right now the govt is being attacked by relevations that they knew about this guy beforehand and did nothing. No proactive arrest, no precrime deportation.

To me what the public wants is a weird contradition of Freedom and Guardianship. Don’t look at me and mine, but look carefully at those guys over there. Point you CCTVs everywhere but at me.


I agree. I wonder, today being the 10th anniversary of England’s 7/7 tube bombing, how the English (or Londoners in particular) see those CCTVs now.

As worthless as we did back then. Hope that clears it up for you.


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