The feature films of 2020 in one great mashup

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I have to admit, that is some damn nifty editing, there!

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Get your torrent on now before the “felony streaming” provision of the supposed COVID relief bill is passed this week.

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Hey Ma… I’m a felon !

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No face masks to be seen in any if those clips, I notice…

Going out in public -anywhere- has felt like buying a lottery ticket where the prize is more toward the Shirley Jackson side of things, less like a cash prize.

Getting exposed for real, (“winning” one of those prizes) feels like playing russian roulette where an empty chamber is like a symptomless infection, and a bullet in the chamber is not just dying of covid, but also passing the winning ticket along for someone else to play russian roulette as well.

For the movie industry to expect me to value my life so cheaply… is more insulting to the audience than any stupid plot tricks we’ve endured ao far.

Once I have some idea that most of the audience will have been vaccinated, I’ll think about paying first-run prices for a movie ticket.

That’s actually not what the bill would do. The media keeps getting this wrong. It’s not about making watching pirated streams a felony – it’s about making setting up a service to do that a felony. Still bad given how it could be used to take down websites and penalize their creators if any pirated work is found on them (which would of course killed Youtube in its infancy had the law been around), but it’s not about getting you for pirating The Mandolarian

Great, now I don’t need to watch any of those films.

Speaking of movie trailer mashups, are studios still clutching to copyright restrictions when it comes to movie trailers, or have they moved on?

I found this very antiquated case via a web search, can we get a modern take on this judgement from 2003?

What does it mean, “feature film”?

It’s a term to define a movie that’s not a short, not a documentary, and not a made-for-TV movie. Back in the old days, when you got more than one movie, it’s the one you really bought the ticket for. Here I used it to separate movies that were originally meant to be shown in theaters, even if they ended up on streaming services because of the pandemic.


Well, after sitting through that, movie theaters, and Hollywood by extension, can remain shut down.

//get off my LAN


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