The finale of Seinfeld aired on this day in 1998

Sunny does similar things…

100% concur. friends made me cringe and get squirmy, too. Horresco referens!

During the late-ish 90s I briefly had cursed positions at 2 cursed malls, w/a cursed discount women’s clothing chain where they played cursed pop music tapes all day long. The friends theme was on at least two of them.

It now occurs to me that I was never asked to change a tape. They musta figured (accurately, as it happens) that somehow, something awful would happen to one or more of them - accidentally on purpose.

I’m amazed I didn’t grind my teeth into powder, tho I only lasted a month or two. The cursed commute’s trying to kill me one evening also heavily influenced my leaving.


I remember at the time, a journalist compared British to American TV: “Jerry Seinfeld made over 180 episodes, all of them good and many of them excellent. John Cleese made 12 perfect episodes of Fawlty Towers.”



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Seinfeld is amazing. I think it’s my favorite regular network sitcom. I would say Curb Your Enthusiam is Seinfeld’s final form. If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, watch it asap. Both shows are amazing.

It must be. There’s a lot in there that just didn’t hold up over time.

Then again, it was never a good show. It was just full of wacky catchphrases that spread like wildfire around the office. The plot didn’t matter that much, because it was quite literally a show about nothing. So maybe if people still like Family Guy they’ll like Seinfeld.

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