The finger-tentacled baby sculptures of Clay Per Day

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rats …I wish saw these before Christmas they would’ve made the best passive aggressive gifts ever.

on second thought they’re not mundane enough I’ll stick to giving out led light up whisks, like I do every year.

on third thought I might buy one for next year to send an accountant in Cranbrook who embezzled my life savings with a card that says no hard feelings.


Reminds me of something I’d see in the 1982 movie The Thing, like the “head spider”.
Warning Language!

Animated image found at Giphy, from user “thats-n0-moon.tumblr dot com”

Clip found on Youtube, posted by Daroslaw Toorek , link edited to jump to 1:51 seconds by me.
Original media from John Carpenter’s The Thing, movie 1982, made after a 1951 movie named The Thing from Another World based on the novela Who Goes There¹ by John W. Campbell ­

Note 1: Link to short story by John W. Cambell above- Wikipedia article here.

Or something Cyriak would make

Video/art called “MOO!” posted by Cyriak on Youtube



Happy I saw this after lunch.

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I hope the sculptor has success working out their issues. :open_mouth:




You’re lucky. I saw this immediately after eating.

I need eye bleach. Especially after the head spider from the thing.


Not enough mouths or eyes.

Talk about ‘outsider art’!!!

It sounds like skipping the baby head and simply sending a very large live spider would convey a more heartfelt message.

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This seems like a much more effective deterrent to porch piracy than those glitter bombs.

yes how does one keep a spider alive in the post …I’ve mulled it over and I think the answer is with fresh fruit and fruit fly flies . The flies can live and breed and the spider can have a steady supply of sustenance. but the draw back is is the accountant is very nasty and will probably want to steal all of the spiders flies right of his web . Poor spider , I refuse to subject any spider to such a horrible fly pilfering being.

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