The first paragraph of the screenplay for Miami Vice (2006)

Hope you like it! Becker is the bomb.

No, that’s a good reading. I’ve always read it as atrocious screenwriting, and prized it as such, but it does fit Sonny’s overall tryhardism and silliness.

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I’m re-watching in now whilst working: the acting across the board is pretty bad, but I still kind of think/hope that it was intentional. I like the idea of Sonny and Isabella running not just from the bullshit of the drug war, but the bullshit of their identities and lives.

or maybe I’m still 13 and like those kick ass vehicles and the haircuts. either way, i’m good.

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Just in case this thread evolves/devolves into a great movie/poor movie discussion, I’m just gonna leave this here

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