The Irishman trailer depicts de-aged DeNiro

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DeNero, Pesci, and Pacino in a gangster/crime flick? About friggin’ time. I’ll be theatering this one.

Heat, Goodfellas, Godfather, etc have been watched in my house many, many times.


Seconded, on all points!


It isn’t perfect, but it’s way better than using a different, younger actor that takes me out of it 99% of the time.

Finally, we get to see a young DeNiro captured on film.


Oh god, it’s another way for the Boomers to never, ever die.


Looks great. I guess The Uncanny Valley continues to not exist for me.

Did you not see the cats trailer?

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I guess I haven’t seen a DeNiro movie in a while? I didn’t even notice.


Talk about a “last hurrah”…

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Shhh, everybody whisper so that nobody notices that it’s a gimmick.

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Yeah, but Scorcese’s directing. You think he has the chops to direct these heavyweights?


Consider me cautiously optimistic here.


Yeah, this looks pretty bad, close to video game quality. They may touch it up until release though.

You’re welcome to try

As much as I love the time period, the subject matter, the actors, and the director, I can’t help but feel that we’ve walked this same ground many, many times before, and that this film isn’t going to reveal anything new, interesting, enlightening, or even noteworthy.

I know Scorsese is interested in the violence that lies at the heart of the American experience, and he has explored it brilliantly in a number of films. But, is this the way to continue that exploration? This feels like a step back – or many steps back, really. It leads me to wonder if he feels that he doesn’t have any more to say on the matter, which is a disappointing thought. I hope I’m wrong.

I did. Like I said, I am apparently immune. But I guess that won’t bring the clicks.

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At thumbnail size, I thought it was Rowan Atkinson until I read the title.

I feel the same way about a lot of sci-fi stuff. It’s the same stories rehashed with different people in a new setting, but at the end of it you already knew the ending, the how’s and why’s.

That doesn’t mean the movie can’t be good or enjoyable. It does mean the bar is higher to get everything thing else right.

As an example A.I. Rising had a good premise, the acting was ok, but the ending seemed predictable. Another 5 or 10 mins could have shown an ulterior motive by the corporation, something far darker than what the movie shows now.

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