The food in "Final Fantasy XV" looks amazing

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Final Fantasy Campsite, the strip club of food*.

*Not a genteman’s club. No lap dances.

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This is literally the most appealing thing about the game I’ve seen so far. First FF ever to inspire nothing more than “meh” from me.

Reminds me of that recent topic about the bathrooms/toilets in video games and what that says about the dev team.

Meanwhile food in Skyrim be like…


Skyrim takes its cheese wheels very seriously.


Sorry, not intending to be a jerk. Was simply reacting to the idea of “you can look all you want, but you can’t touch” inspired by a game’s gorgeous food you can’t eat.

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Are there “Cooking Mama” style mini-games for the food prep?

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Ha! Just started playing this game, and killed some sort of antelope looking things as part of a sidequest, which, of course, inspired Ignis with a recipe for kebab looking things. This prompted the hungry wife to comment that the food looked delicious, and that she wanted satay… (which we ordered).

Score one FF15 team.


He was likely referring to some posts that were eaten. There was a fat shaming post and subsequent argument that went poof.


Ah, okay…had me worried for a bit.

I know I can get uppity sometimes, especially over art-related topics, but I’d never had Falcor bare his fangs at me before. :wink:


I would not be surprised to find out that there is a cookbook in the works

What @ficuswhisperer said :wink:


Ingredients may be a wee bit… exotic.

If there is, I want it. My husband, the chef in our family, is fascinated when I camp sometimes. We’ll talk for twenty minutes about what a recipe for the dish would be. Even the fish looks good and I don’t care for cooked fish

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