The forgotten blockbuster locksport competitions of the mid-Victorian era

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Attention next focused on Hobbs in 1854, when he tried in vain to pick Edwin Cotterill’s climax detector lock.
Of course it was in vain. The female orgasm is a myth.

Many years ago I went to the Blists Hill Victorian Town and the “blacksmith” gave a talk about this very subject: locks and the history of Victorian lockpicking competitions. He brought out one lock whose manufacturer called it unbreakable and added that it took a lockpick about five minutes to undo it.

That reminds me of the joke about MasterLock, the lock that was advertised as being able to take a bullet. Can the hinges?


Per the Wiki page: “The Chubb lock reportedly became popular as a result of the interest generated when George IV accidentally sat on a Chubb lock that still had the key inserted.”

The running joke about Master Locks in the lock picking community is that if you yell at one and startle it, it’ll pop open for you. Or if you jiggle it properly. Or if you give it a good stern sidelong glance.

Master Locks are junk, is what I’m saying.


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