The former head of the CDC arrested for sex abuse

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Oh good. A bad person that Trump apologists can point to for having worked under Obama.

“Trump got rid of this guy! He was the head of Obama’s CDC! Winning!”

Meanwhile, President “Grab 'em” sits and waits…

Make no mistake, if he did what he’s accused of doing, fuck this guy. I’m just anticipating some spin.


True, except Trumpers don’t see sexual assault as a bad thing.

Unless it’s done by a Dem, or on a Dem’s watch, then it’s the same as high treason.


From the article it looks like he grabbed someone’s butt at a party. While it’s not cool to go around grabbing butts without asking first (or without having an explicit “you-can-grab-my-butt-type-relationship”), it seems like we’ve gone a bit looney arresting, firing, and plastering over the media a person for doing this. I would think an apology, like “I’m sorry, I had a bit too much to drink and got a little rowdy, it was really not cool to touch you like that and I certainly never will again. I’m embarrassed and ashamed. I hope you can forgive my terrible behavior.”

Unless, of course, this is a pattern of behavior, which we don’t know. But, still, this guy has already been tried and executed in the court of public opinion.

I am not an apologist for this kind of behavior, but there are shades of gray. Not everyone who grabs a butt is a Weinstein, Cosby or Trump. They might be a jackass, but there is a difference.

That said, please enjoy my video of Cosby (and his sweater) coming undone to Weezer’s Undone.


If somebody is the type to grab butts when slightly inebriated, they should absolutely be fired. End of story. Sexual assault is sexual assault.


Is there a type? What if it was the first butt he ever grabbed?

It is someone he’s known for 30 years. There is surely more to the story than a single incident of inappropriate touching.

Too bad if true, Frieden has been a real force for good in the world.

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This story sounds so weird: he “grabbed her butt” and then she reports it 9 months later. So, let’s say its true. Practically, how does this ever get prosecuted? It just seems like there’s so little evidence, so much room for reasonable doubt.

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