The free-speech activist duty of journalists during the coming Trump years

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I love that image. I saw the sign it’s a photo of at a camp at Burning Man, rendered in EL wire.


Yup, I took it there.


Gillmor is absolutely correct on all counts, but it’s important to note that he’s talking to journalists and not their employers. I don’t think that the American corporate media (esp. broadcast and cable outlets) is going to have the backs of their journalists to the degree that they used to.


Breaking tradition, President-elect Donald Trump refused to let journalists travel with him to cover his first meeting with President Barack Obama.
The move broke from protocol intended to ensure that the public has a watchful eye on the nation’s leader.
Trump flew from New York to Washington on his private jet without the so-called “pool” of reporters, photographers and television cameras that have traveled with presidents and presidents-elect in the past.

Why would they even ask Drumpf? It’s still Obama’s White House isn’t it? And why travel with him? Travel to the same places. Be there when he gets on and off the plan and hound him relentlessly. There is nothing he can do about it.

They don’t and literally nothing will change.

So how do we tell these people to fuck off successfully enough? I already don’t watch the 24/7 news cycle, I can’t watch less.

Edit: These are America’s enemies-

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The only thing he can do about it is ask them to kiss the ring more gently, they’re embarrassing themselves.

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We can only make quality choices for our personal media diets and support them. American broadcast and cable news is pretty well useless to me, to the point where I haven’t watched it regularly in years. I used to give CNN an exception for breaking news, but that’s changed since they made that dimwit Don Lemon and the braying fool Richard Quest their go-to guys on big breaking stories.

There are lots of good outlets still out there, some of them American. One tip I give Americans who want reputable and thoughtful coverage of our own country is CBC Radio and TV – due to proximity they cover a lot of American stories, but the tone is very calm and considered and (unlike NPR) they don’t feel obliged to pretend the GOP is a sane party or that the rantings of racists and science denialists deserve to be taken seriously.

I know generally where I can find news, but my being well-informed doesn’t generally financially benefit my sources of information nor does it affect the profitability of these vipers, the worst of which a Trump will have to endure will be massive hickeys.

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