The FRESHeBAR Leather Soundbar packs powerful audio into a stylish package - now 56% off

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Maybe it was the mention of leather, but I first read that as FLESHeBAR.



When I think of high fidelity, I think of cattle.

Is there a vegan version?


I know my own needs. And what I need from a soundbar is the luxury of soft Corinthian leather.


Oh, thanks goodness. I thought it was just me. I mean, it does have flesh on it.


So, did home audio greatly improve in sound quality recently? Or is that just some ad copy nonsense? Haven’t heard about this at all.

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Only if you use properly broken in $10,000 artisinal-grade free-range vegan interconnects with it.


Well, turntables and tube amps are back. And while most people agree that Monster Cables are a scam, we now know that the skinny Radio Shack speaker wire we all used in the 70s is best replaced by something thicker. I don’t know what that has to do with bluetooth.


decent review for anyone interested:

from the review:
“on a scale of 1 to 10, this is a win.”


The problem is, “a win” is an irrational number between 3 and 4.


So essentially no, just ad copy nonsense. Figures.


They’re great for the [puts on sunglasses] low notes.


Sound appears to have been a bit left behind in the recent waves of innovation in home entertainment. We stream at not great quality into “soundbars” which, while expensive, are not as good as a nice pair of speakers and a decent amp costing far less. They are smaller though I suppose.

When I’ve tried them out the sound quality I would most associate with them is “muddiness”.

A bit like the Beats 'phones everyone seems to carry, They do give a lot of bass, but I found cheap cans I had to hand outperform them. (Sennheiser PX 100s - cost me €30ish and were my everyday carry until the children destroyed them).


That guy’s great

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Well, to be fair this soundbar is selling for only $110; you’d be hard pressed to find a good speaker/amp combo for that. You can get a pretty impressive T-amp for around $75 - this soundbar probably has a Lepai-type $20 T-amp inside - but good speakers are tough at the price point, especially small ones, outside of thrift shop/garage sale finds.

Good point, by high priced I wasn’t really thinking of this but rather fairly high priced ones!

I don’t know whether pretty cheap sound bars sound better than pretty cheap amp/ speaker combos. I have no reason to think they do.

Here’s my review based just on the picture.

It’s a piece of plastic crap with a bit of leather on it and it sounds like crap.

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