The Future of Jazz - great TV episode from 1958

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Yeah, Jazzy Monday, I like it.


Liked it. But it’s funny how events overtake news reports. This was done in 1958? Then 1959 happened :rofl: that one guy was certainly right, it was going to get free-er

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“That guy” was George Russell, the primary theorist behind ‘modal’ jazz, which did actually change the direction of jazz. It was pretty cutting edge in 1958.


YouTube has 6 episodes, not all 13? I am disappoint. Where can I file a complaint?

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Billy Taylor was the house pianist at Birdland back in the day and wrote the music for “I Wish That I Knew How It Feels to Be Free,” which Nina Simone made famous. I’m playing through his book Billy Taylor Piano Styles: A Practical Approach to Playing Piano in Various Styles and finding it very educational.


the future of jazz


I think that’s who Frank Gorshin’s character was supposed to be parodying in the movie Where the Boys Are

(Trigger warning: superspreader event.)


good stuff.

credits list Carl Severinsen on trumpet.
better known to us as Doc Severinsen, the Tonight Show bandleader during Carson’s tenure.

I think it said the white piano player was Bill Evans? looked like him, and Bill Evans was billed under some sub-section of the credits along with Art Farmer, but I admit I skipped around the show. which is weird because Evans is usually cleaner than a broke-dick dog but I felt like he faltered one measure in that Double Exposure solo. maybe he meant to do it, though. at any rate, I don’t really have any business critiquing Bill Evans, of all people.


I heard of him through his playing but only recently discovered that he was quite wise, I love this as it applies to pretty much any endeavor:


I like that it’s 4:33 long…an inadvertent shout out to another very intentional musician. I found his examples to be very illustrative, the top-flight one and the simpler one, both perfectly expressive.

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