The future of manufacturing will happen on your desktop

Well, that’s a nice concept demonstrator… And to my ignorant eye, it seems to be good for cheap, and possibly environmentally friendly (think easy recycling) manufacture.

What are the specs of this laptop? Okey, it’s a Pi, that much is clear. But for the rest?

But as others have said here, you can get perfectly good laptops for next to nothing, or rather, not a cent. In fact, it might be that I live in a prosperous Northern European country. But I have got 3 working laptops from the electronics trash bin in my building last year (and a classic, working Nintendo Game&Watch). In two cases, with one or two working power adapters. I cleaned them, formatted the hard disk, and installed what I wanted. Fedora, Ubuntu, other flavors of Debian, Windows XP (now it’s free, sort of). And I don’t have an electronics workshop and spare parts! Imagine what could be done just if the municipality allowed a volunteer association to collect trashed computers, cleaning and basic repairs, cannibalize those that aren’t in shape, install an open source operating system, and there you go! One Laptop per Child or Adult, at most five years behind the bleeding edge nowadays.