The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


Oh you know, just the usual.

“Well, boys will be boys, honey. What were you even doing there in the first place? And don’t tell me you were wearing that skimpy outfit that you bought when we weren’t shopping together again!” (etc etc ad nauseam)




Boo hoo


They messed something up real good.

Revenue - $366,889,703.00
Assets - $217,136,587.00


For a guy “silenced and censored”, he doesn’t seem to have any problems finding a platform.


What checks and balances? (Old-timey mobster accent)


Their refusal to hold hearings for Merrick Garland was already pretty damn scandalous, so they are just taking it to the next logical level.


Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday the testimony of Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser won’t change his mind, no matter what she says.

So why even bother with the charade of having a public hearing? Is all they want to do is try to publicly shame Dr. Ford?


Alex, I’ll take “Up trump’s Ass” for 100.


Christ, what an asshole! It’s a job interview, not a sentencing hearing! Are we supposed to give a participation trophy to everyone who doesn’t make the Supreme Court?

There’s a reason that SCJs aren’t just voted in. Do your damned job Graham!


Are. You. Fucking. KIDDING?!?!


Clearly you can’t sexually assault somebody unless there’s penis going in. Makes me really question how he has judged assault cases.


With all these “innocent jokes” being revealed it’s a wonder more people aren’t laughing.


They just keep stacking the deck against her.


No food for assholes.


Talking to Republican voters:

He said that if Kavanaugh can’t get elected that no Republicans can. Carlson said that if Republicans in the Senate cared about their voters than they would protect Kavanaugh.

“The Republicans in the Senate do not care about you. If the Republicans care they would protect you,” Carlson said. “They would protect your children from the torrent of mandatory propaganda they face in schools that are bankrupting them. They protect Brett Kavanaugh from the obvious smears that are destroying his family in his life.”

His children are in danger of women coming forward to tell their story? Does he have any daughters?

I don’t know what his purpose is. If he’s disappointed with the Republican senators, it’s a bit late to primary them.


Maybe he should raise them to know better than to rape people?


Only 3-4 days to disown “fine person” Faith Goldy.


Holding down floor tiles?


“Neither Giuliani nor Goldy responded to requests for comment about the encounter…”