Anti-Trump grafitti in the ATL


This is awesome! I hope more goes up over the next few days.


Surely someone is planning a Philippe Petit style raid on the roof of Trump Towers to drape a big swastika flag over the edge.


From your lips to someone’s ears!



Well that the best news I have seen this week. Thanks!


Are we sure it was intended as ANTI-Trump graffiti? There’s a pretty sizable overlap between people who like Nazi iconography and people who like Trump.


I know my city, and we tend to not tolerate that shit. It has a large African American community, a large gay community, and the rest of us tend to be refugees from Georgia’s rural hinterlands, fleeing backwards thinking and they/we consider them/ourselves progressive. I’ve been to shows that would attract that sort of crowd, and if the white power crowd shows up, they tend to get shouted down, if not physically attacked. But it could be the case, sure.


I tend to agree, all signs point to Trump critics.

But Trump isn’t unusual in that his detractors compare him to Hitler—you can easily find examples of Obama, Bush, Clinton or dozens of other politicians with a toothbrush mustache photoshopped onto their faces. What makes Trump so special is that many of his supporters compare him to Hitler.


Is that true? Have his supporters been like, “well, Hitler had a few good ideas, sort of like Trump”? I’d guess they don’t think of themselves as being like the nazis, but just being patriotic by attempting to keep out what they see as the threat to their safety.



I did not see any in town today. I fully expected something at the Krog Street underpass, but nothing…


Actually it’s more like “Trump is the best thing since Hitler!”

I’m not joking. He’s been endorsed by the American Nazi Party.


Well, sure, but I’d suspect that the majority of his support from your average tea partier doesn’t imagine themselves to be like the Nazis cause their parents probably fought the nazis, and of course they don’t like nazis, just like they don’t like the klan. They just think the cops should do something about those thugs, and why the hell do the gays need to get married anyhow, and yeah, sure, the terrorists could come in on a refugee visa, etc. They don’t want to put those people in camps and murder them, they just want to protect their families.

As much as having an American nazi party sucks, I doubt they’ll be the critical swing vote. I don’t worry about them in stuff like this because they’re just aren’t enough of them to swing elections. The problem is people who don’t think they’re racist, sexist, homophobes, Islamophobes and antisemites, even when they are. It’s the assholes who aren’t self-aware that we need to watch out for, I think.


Hell, most of the original Nazis didn’t like to think of themselves as the kind of people who would support the stuff the Nazis did. To this day there are no shortage of outright holocaust deniers.[quote=“Mindysan33, post:13, topic:70489”]
As much as having an American nazi party sucks, I doubt they’ll be the critical swing vote.
I don’t think having them on his side is going to help him win. I just think it’s terrifying that so many Americans are happy to support the same guy as the American Nazi Party. If that’s not a warning sign that your guy might not support American values then I don’t know what is.


I wonder how many of those are actually German. I’d guess a fair amount of the ones who were deniers from the era are dead now, so it’s all people from the boomer era. Ugh, paging Deborah Lipstadt, clean up of holocaust denial, aisle one!

Do you think they know the American nazi party supports him? I’d wager they get a fair amount of their election coverage from Fox and do you think they’re going to talk about Nazi support of the Trump? I’d doubt that. I’m sure if they don’t hear it from Fox, they’d imagine it’s a “lib-tard” conspiracy to taint Trump…


I’ve been throwing out the links to the news coverage of the ANP endorsement on social media just to see what the reaction would be from Trump supporters. It’s about what you’d imagine—those who don’t flat-out deny it just act like it’s no big deal, or part of a LibTard conspiracy against Trump.


Yep, there we go. We all get our information from our little subcultural corners and imagine that that is the only reality. We ignore the fact that we’re all connected and we all sink and swim together.


Img from article for BBS:



A bobble-head smirking brother.


I really hope Trump is the Republican nominee. He is a mirror image of the Republican Party–and what is wrong with a Republican Party, that can be defined as a political hate group.