The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes



So it’s a cult.


Given the rampant anti-Semitism (especially against him) being stirred up on the Right, this was bound to happen.


What’s a little murder between business partners?

Dirty money.


The only surprise was that it took this long. More projection about the “dangerous liberal mob threatening violence.”


Jesus Fucking Christ. I’d be more than happy to see the pillory brought back for this guy - for a lot of other people, too, but this guy first.

@mr_raccoon beat me to it.


There will be more like this. And, unsurprisingly, the right has shifted to “we have to protect the men in these instances.”



Yeah, the left are dangerous. /X s



Any bets to how soon Nancy Pelosi or Elizabeth Warren get a suspicious package? But don’t worry everyone, I’m sure it’s just a lone wolf behind these attempted terrorist attacks.



I hope this useless shitegob gets to rot in jail.


Mid-Term Distraction Plan in play.

Freak people out. (There’s no chance any of these packages would make it through) People and media get distracted, election issues drop off the radar.


If you think that they’ve given up:

She placed 3rd in a two person race with 1% of the vote, but beat a score of nobodies who probably weren’t as bad as she is.


No. This is terrorism aimed to cause voter suppression. If people are scared, especially if they think that this violence could be repeated at the polls, they’ll stay home. It’s not a “distraction”. It’s not something to just ignore: recognise it for what it truly is, and counter accordingly.

'AN ACT OF TERROR' — Packages sent to 7+ targets, CNN, Obamas, Clintons, Soros, Cuomo, Holder, Maxine Waters

This just in…

Another “lone wolf”, I’m sure, completely divorced from the toxic zeitgeist of a “president” who proudly declares himself a nationalist.


Absolutely true to character. No shock at all.


More resolute than fucking ever!


Get out and make sure we get our friends and relatives out as well, then start working on our neighborhoods and go from there. Hornets nest + foot, does not end well for them