The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


The other possibility (concurrent with the first):

'AN ACT OF TERROR' — Packages sent to 7+ targets, CNN, Obamas, Clintons, Soros, Cuomo, Holder, Maxine Waters

Looks like Breitbart is threatening to sue activist group Sleeping Giants. SG tweets-out to companies whose ads show up on Breitbart, usually without their knowledge because it happens through brokers. Often the companies make sure that never happens again. I guess it’s been working, because Breitbart so mad!

Breitbart’s “scary” legal letter. (Weak sauce. Scientology does it better.)

The actual post, if you really want to go there.


Why does Breitbart hate the free market and free speech?


Have they ever been for it except in name only?


Of course they have. But only for “right thinking” people. Those scary others need to just shut up! /s


Perhaps LOVE is the answer?


Key quote: “Don’t shoot me and I won’t shoot you. Whites don’t kill whites.”




The amazing (not) thing is the " good guy with the gun " apparently agreed and let the shooter drive off.


I was just about to say, looks like the ‘good guy with a gun’ didn’t do a damn thing to help the situation.

Color me shocked.



Ah well, you see what Sleeping Giant did was ‘deceptive’…

They fooled those poor advertisers into showing their precious ads to bots!

That’s the real crime here.



Wait a moment, i thought drawing attention to a company was the entire purpose of an ad. Am i mistaken about this? Surely they cannot claim an “expectation of privacy” in putting up an advertisement in a public forum. That would be like suing for drawing attention to a billboard!


Their law firm specializes in killing #metoo stories, speaks at the Federalist Society.


Wasn’t that what the FBI was supposed to do?


The robocalls are back.

I guess he didn’t learn his lesson.


They should call in the Turisas to join in the fun!



Plastered with alt right trump stickers.


Speaking of, I saw this clip last night…

Imagine the FL governors race being crazier than GAs!


Mmmm Mmmmm GOOD!