The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


NSFW…repeated clear enunciation of the b-word.


Courtesy of John Oliver and Last Week Tonight…

Bill Schutte is the current AG of Michigan and running for Governor.


Probably never, because people fetishize military service for it’s own sake… of course, that doesn’t mean we want our soldiers getting state fun health care, especially for pansy shit like PTSD…


Russia on Megyn Kelly:

“On Monday, (Vladimir Putin’s press secretary) was asked to comment on (Megyn) Kelly’s career prospects in foreign media.”

“You know, she has a big salary. I am not sure the Federal News Agency can afford her,” Peskov said in reference to Kelly’s reported three-year $69 million contract she signed after leaving Fox News last year."

“Of course this is not our sphere of competence – we do not hire journalists. -RT


So how would that rule out Megyn Kelly?


Right? She’s a newsreader, not a journalist.




It’s not the thing it appears

“The change of tack comes just days after a gunman killed 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue. The $56 billion logistics company says the closure of its NRA discount program from Nov. 4 has no connection to that incident or any other shooting. Rather, the NRA just didn’t bring in enough business to merit its own deal.”


"Rapper Kanye West, who earlier this month hugged Donald Trump in the Oval Office, declared on Tuesday that he had been “used to spread messages I don’t believe in”


Kanye suffers from the same sort of narcissism as 45; he doesn’t believe in anything, except for himself.

Now if only they’d both fuck off and die…


Do I even want to know?


Just in case you decide you do…

On Twitter on Tuesday, West said he supports prison reform, commonsense gun laws and compassion for people seeking asylum, then denied that he had designed a logo for a branding exercise known as “Blexit”, which urges African Americans to leave the Democratic party. The concept, originated by Owens, claimed that West had designed the group’s merchandise.


/blink blink, do I really see this?


King is being too obvious in his bigotry for the GOP establishment. Which just goes to show you that they haven’t caught up to the new normal much more than the DNC establishment has.


Steve King is just a test. Just a test.

Please stand by…


Also, notably, they were fine with his behavior as long as it looked like he was going to win. None of this behavior is new, or even markedly out of character with his past actions. He’s been bitching in the most racist possible language about immigrants being drug runners and job stealers for at least a decade, and has spent at least the last 5 years making incredibly public remarks about how America is committing cultural suicide by allowing non-white immigrants into the country. Now that polls show it’s possible he might get thrown out of office by the people of his district, here come the hand-wringers and moralizers decrying what a terrible person he is, this man whom Paul Ryan has allowed to remain as a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Cowards all.




If the jackboot fits…


About fucking time.