The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


The wheels didn’t literally fall off his campaign bus, but it sounds as if it came close.


Casting a ballot for Trump in 2016 was the first time he voted, Ayyadurai said.

Wicked civic-minded, amirite?


Strong in the astroturf.


More Christ, what an asshole with every article. Gives regular Massholes a bad name.


An Arkansas gentleman who’s a good example of what can go wrong with the “social media as a public utility” argument, and everything else.


“Over my dead body, but, you know, I could be dead,” Giuliani said in an interview with “Fox News Sunday.”

Could he be trying to tell us something? :wink:


Two birds, one stone.


Looks who has risen up out of the swampy putrid waters of racism this morning:

of course he will…






Oopsie! Looks like those dog whistles weren’t pitched high enough.


America’s museum working hard to rehabilitate the image of…

looks at notes

…the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory owners.

After a lot of “there were good people on both sides of the locked doors” and “they were a product of their times, which is why it’s weird that so many people were mad at them at the time” faffery, they round out with this:

but in a way that seems to absolve them of failing to learn any sort of lesson from the deaths of 146 people.


Dead racists rule America!


No word if the new platform will be called JorSugarDaddy.


“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side,” Trump said of Epstein in 2002.





“Are we fake news, Mr. President,”

I can’t stop laughing!


A. Yes. Yes, you are.


Kick rocks barefoot, Wonderbread; I hope the door hits you twice on your way out.



A gentrification bomb hits a sleep town in Texas with racist fallout.

Long story short: a quiet town suddenly becomes a trendy location for vacation homes and retirees. They want the atmosphere, so they buy/build adobe homes, jumping the real estate prices. Texas notices and puts the screws to the county to raise more tax income. They reappraise the property values, and create a higher appraisal classification for adobe houses.

Descendants of the anglo ranchers, not in adobe, benefiting from the increased money flow into town, are fine. Lower income Hispanics, in adobe, get slammed by taxes and driven out of their homes.

Required by Texas law to find more revenue, the Presidio county tax assessors realized that adobe homes in Marfa were selling at a premium, and so they raised their appraisal values in 2017, just three years after a townwide revaluation. That has meant two big tax increases, not only for owners of the high-end and expansive adobe homes with backyard pools, xeriscaped gardens and adobe walls to surround them, but also for hundreds of more modest, weather-beaten residences clustered around the south side of Marfa, where historically most of the town’s Hispanic population has lived.

They could have easily raised the appraisals to match the real estate prices, so this special adobe tax seems a lot like “working as designed”.