The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


I’ve read the Constitution a few times. Still looking for the passage that states, “citizens have the right to all the firearms and accessories they can ever want”. If anything I am struck by the words, “well regulated”


And of course Trump’s pick for acting SecDef has no experience in military, government, or foreign policy. You know, the kind of things important to running the military. But he was an exec at Boeing! :thinking: Nope, no conflicts of interest here at all.


At least he knows which drone or cruise missile to pick for upcoming strikes.


Technically, not a Trump-Inspired but a Trump-Inspiring Asshole.
Which is arguably worse.


Not the hugest of lies, but certainly fits the mold.


The gradual realization that voting independent as your first choice isn’t a wasted vote will be interesting to watch.



or just can’t navigate the tech-heavy reporting system that goes offline every night at 9 p.m.



WTF? Nobody’s blocking the truckers from getting gas.


Reading it, it sounds like it’s not TruckERs, as in the people who drive semis for a living, but asshole drivers of regular trucks. In other words, the exact same assholes who do roll coal and jack up their truck past the point of practicality, and never take it off city streets.

In other words, the same kinds of people who blindly support Trump. Spiteful shitheads.


I never understood this. “Hey let’s roll coal at hybrid drivers to make a statement about… fuck the environment?” or “Let’s block EV charging stations because… reasons”. It’s just looking for an excuse to piss off somebody else.

I bet they would love it if EVs started blocking the deisel pumps.


Once again:

It isn’t about logic and reason, it’s about power and dominance.


It’s just classic bullying. Pick someone you think is too weak (or moral, same thing to them) to fight back, and mock them in the easiest, trolliest way possible.

I can almost¹ guarantee you, if some NFL linebacker (or someone built like one) told them to move their fucking truck, they would do so.

¹Because there’s always at least one with more bravado than brains.


The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been getting a lot of blowback after letting David Horowitz speak too many times. (Once would have been too many, IMO.)

“Racism and bigotry in our right wing corporatism? How could this happen?!”

The group has been roiled by negative stories over several years. Verizon announced it was ending its support following a hate-fueled speech by anti-Muslim activist David Horowitz at ALEC’s annual meeting in August. Horowitz, who is well known for taking extremist views on a range of topics, used the platform at ALEC to attack marriage equality and suggested that the Constitution’s three-fifths compromise was not about black people.


Tesla owners can fight back!

Via Jalopnik

De-ICEing? :wink:




Out with the old.





God I hate him so much. Dude is ghoul. I remember when him, Brownback, and Tiahrt got into office. Just yuck!