The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes



Ugh; some people are just straight up garbage.

I’m glad Smollett is okay.


I don’t even know where to put this.

"Stroud said her background as an intelligence operative made her comfortable with human rights targets as long as they weren’t Americans. “We’re working on behalf of this country’s government, and they have specific intelligence objectives which differ from the U.S., and understandably so,” Stroud said. “You live with it.”

unFuck these loser secret squirrel drop outs.





Is he dead yet?



I sincerely hope this did not come as a surprise to her. Her very existence is a threat to the racist, sexist, ageist assholes of the world.



I’m almost positive it did not; she’s not stupid, and she did grow up as a woman and a POC in the US.

Being hated on comes with the territory for us, especially if you dare to succeed.

She knew, as surely as Obama must have known how hated he would be by some factions.

And yet, they persisted.


Louis C.K. is a dick

Dad burn.


Damn, that burn is white-hot.

The inclusion of old home-video footage of Joaquin Oliver at the end was heart wrenching.

Father of Parkland victim responds to Louis CK's jokes with a "standup set" of his own

Good God. Louis CK needs to go now. Wow.


Poor oppressed guy.


I wonder if this is part of an alt-right pile-on, to tie the SPLC’s time up in court, or to try and use up their resources?


From the network that brought you “Mister Rogers was evil”…


Well, how dare they support fairness, when we all know that the God-ordained station we are each assigned to is not for us to change!! Holy shit, these asshats are really starting to struggle as they see their own data telling them they are losing.


Wow that’s worse than advertised sicne his follow up line is “and we’re starting to see kids who grew up with this notion of ‘fairness above all’ and now they’re becoming voting age and they’re bringing this ideology with them.”

Did I miss when the idea of fairness became something to be directly opposed to?


The “natural” order where white men natural rise to the top and dominate everything… duh! /s


The explaination just makes it even murkier


Especially since it’s based on a bullshit notion that somehow every single millennial all got participation trophies and had equal access to things like a great education, health care, and a college education that didn’t put them in debt. This is most certainly not the case…


What koolaid is that guy drinking?

There are totally still winners (everyone who’s wealthy) and losers (everyone else on the planet.)


It’s just such a weird meme conservatives have, there’s not a high school in the country that doesn’t have competitive sports teams; but he’s saying that teaching children to play sports to enjoy them before they reach an age where competition becomes a large part of the game is causing millennials to become socialist.