The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


I think I mentioned that discord before. They are absolutely organized online and pulling this shit, they even have guides for how to remove dissonance from the chains and thedonald. It’s crazy town in there.



Scurrying Rat…


Bonus: She works for an airline. Go figure.


Linked from that story:


And yet another:

I said to my wife the morning after the election that the racists won. Every day there is more validation. Sick.


“In the ghetto.”

This woman needs to spend six months in either the favelas of Rio, or the shantytowns of Johannesburg. She obviously has not a clue.


The silver lining here is that Sprint’s CEO, Marc Claure, went above and beyond the standard corporate apologetic statement and asked to meet with the woman and her husband. Well done.

"…Unfortunately, we’re seeing an increase in hate speech like this across the country. No one deserves to hear this kind of language.

This has got to stop. It’s time to talk. It’s time to learn. It’s time to heal.

That’s why I’m inviting this woman and her husband to meet privately with me so I can better understand what drives comments and behavior like this. I’d like to share my views with her as well.

I also invite the customer she attacked, Juan, to meet with me.

This kind of behavior is not tolerated in any Sprint workplace. We value our diverse customer base and thousands of minority employees. We will confront head-on those who violate the respect that our customers and employees deserve…" -M. Claure CEO Sprint


I’d like to invite this ignorant woman to my son’s school, where at least 10 languages can be heard every day when it’s time to pick the kids up.

I bet her head would simply 'splode.


If she thinks Manassas is the ghetto, I’d like to see her reactions in a mid-quality neighborhood in any major US city:

“Excuse me, ma’am, would you happen to know the…”
“Aaaaaagh! Get away from me! I have nothing of value! Mug my husband!”


She’s been fired from the airline.

Also, she’s apparently had five children with two different Hispanic men, one of whom turns out to be a cousin of the man she ranted at. I can’t confirm this, because it’s just internet scuttlebutt, but if it were true…


I love that scene.


Doubling down.

Edited to add a spoiler tag as I realised there was a clear-text slur in the original tweet (quoting the subject).


Not sure why this is flagged. It’s totally on topic.


It’s literally a buried retraction of a story that was obviously false as proved by other media outlets that was cited many times in defense of Trump… so yes, it’s on topic both for the Fox News smoke screen and the alt-right media that ran with it.


Media Matters

"A major liberal group is targeting advertisers for Sean Hannity’s Fox News show as they look to push back against his promotion of a conspiracy theory surrounding a killed Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer.

Media watchdog group Media Matters For America on Tuesday published a list of Hannity’s advertisers — a long list that includes major companies such as Allstate, Angie’s List, Bayer, Capitol One, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Mercedes-Benz and Publishers Clearing House." The Hill

“Hannity’s coverage has reportedly “disgusted” many at Fox, (though the Murdochs have notably been silent) and Rich’s brother sent a letter to Hannity’s executive producer pleading with him not to go ahead with a segment about Rich on Tuesday’s show. As Axios’ Sara Fischer points out, Fox’s audience has been fleeing amid the turmoil at the station, and the internal disputes over coverage won’t make things easier.” -Axios


And it’s not going to go away because the machine is churning on it:

Kim Dotcom showed up to claim he knows Seth Rich leaked to the DNC:

And Hannity is tripling down on his position on air:

Hannity is literally pulling a power move on air with this story and hast the balls to tweet this about the family of Seth Rich telling people to stop politicizing his death:


“Infowars granted White House press credentials, promptly smears victims of Manchester bombing.Many of the victims were children.” On Monday, Infowars announced it has been granted press credentials that will allow Washington bureau chief Jerome Corsi — a prominent swiftboater and birther — to attend White House press briefings. Later that same day, Infowars founder Alex Jones smeared the victims of the attack during the Ariana Grande show in Manchester that killed at least 22 people, describing them as “liberal trendies.”



This white flag, which flew May 13 in downtown Portland, is a symbol of the Christian Identity movement, a white supremacist theology that has been associated with the Ku Klux Klan as well as right-wing “patriot” militia groups.