The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


And in the comments they’re already saying he’s normally a sweet boy but the teacher got in his face about talking during class. So you see, it’s really the teacher’s fault.


The other guy killed by the white supremacist fucktard:

Hospitalized, expected to recover, is Micah David-Cole Fletcher, 21.









oh FFS do these people have no sense of decency?
yeah not feeling bad if my new job works out to the spouse and kid heading to Canada while I work two or three years before moving up there myself.


It happened in Texas, so, no.


no, they do not


Champagne Fucking Popsicles??? Somebody slap that useless POS. Really.

There is no honor in that family.


R. Spencer is lashing out at his neighbors?




And no surprise, after two people are killed by a racist the GOP blames antifa for creating a culture that doesn’t allow for free speech.


White people died…something must be done.


Defending brown people no less!


The two people who died were a second-generation hippy and a Republican politician. Chew on that for awhile.


The real victim here is clearly Knife Man’s precious freezed peach.


Never has the GOP been so happy someone was a Bernie bro.


Not to say it’s a trend. It’s just what happened in this case. The guy has been a racist white nationalist for a long time.


Nazi jackass wasn’t so much of a Bernie bro that he wrote enthusing about joining Trump’s SS if indeed Trump turned out to be the next Hitler.

Current mess in Portland: Jackasses that the jackass rallied with want to have both a “free speech” rally, and a dedicated anti-Muslim rally. City wants to pull permits.

Meanwhile the #MarchForTruth I’m helping organize is still on for June 3rd, and we’re getting professional de-escalators to help deal with vandalism-minded party crashers.


August cover for MAD

“Mad Magazine’s cover next month will feature Jared Kushner as the magazine’s mascot, Alfred E. Neuman, The Washington Times reported Thursday.”

Kusher, President Trump’s son-in-law and special White House adviser, will appear with Trump and first daughter Ivanka Trump on the cover, featuring the headline “Take Your Kids to Work Every Day,”


In the last couple of weeks, on my Android phone, I’ve noticed a lot more alt-right fake news stories showing up on my Google Now screen. (Screen to the left of home with local weather, time-to-home, news I’d be interested in, where I parked my car.)

It’s always been a creepy dance as Google Now learns what it thinks I’d be interested in, and digs for stuff to show me and keeps track of my reaction. Invasive as hell, but it does a really good job. sigh

You can directly tell it that you’re interested in certain subjects, not interested, or block entire sites. Sites like InfoWars and Breitbart were blocked in the beginning. A few flat earth / moon landing hoax sites got blocked along the way. (I’m interested in space topics.)

Just in the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a real surge in stories from alt-right fake news sites. (block-block-block…) This might be due to Google trying to adjust to what it thinks I want, or it could be that someone in the alt-right shadows, like Cambridge Analytica (Bannon / Mercer), has worked out how to game Google’s analysis of sites and articles and are trying to crap-flood the system, especially to phones tuned to their dog whistle.

I’m mentioning this here in case anyone else has noticed this, or can look for it in their experience. Meanwhile I’ll see if I can find out more about how Google Now selects stories. (I admit that I’d probably use that knowledge to boost Scientology-critical stories. :mask:)