The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


There is devolution taking place.



YES. Yes they were.


The Trump supporter behind National Enquirer wants to buy more mianstream publications increasing the threat of even more Trump propaganda:

“Pecker is now considering expanding his business: he may bid to take over the financially strapped magazines of Time, Inc., which include Time, People, and Fortune. Based on his stewardship of his own publications, Pecker would almost certainly direct those magazines, and the journalists who work for them, to advance the interests of the President and to damage those of his opponents—which makes the story of the Enquirer and its chief executive a little more important and a little less funny.” -TheNewYorker

Not funny at all. And if you think the Murdoch’s purchase of National Geographic was bad…


The dude’s name is really Pecker? Oh, my.


David J. Pecker to be exact. AKA DJ Pecker.


Damn, I was hoping his first name is Richard.



I can never understand why these guys don’t realize, for better or worse, they are the media, too.



Assholes gonna asshole.


That’s way, way worse than DJ Paris Hilton.




And why did they go up in the first place?




Oh Junior!

"According to Goodman, the former Defense Department special counsel, this line is the one thing that keeps Trump Jr.’s statement from being a clear-cut confession of having violated the law. But Goodman is skeptical that Trump Jr. really knew nothing about a person he was meeting on such a sensitive subject

“I think it would turn on the fact of whether he knew he was going to be meeting with a Russian national. And I don’t think it’s plausible that he did not know ahead of time,” Goodman says." -VOX

Oh, and looky here: :eyes:

Edit: Should we start a contest to guess who the “three people” are?


Oh, this is good. Why isn’t the Racist Elf in jail yet?


Has this been mentioned yet?



I have the feeling that if Trump hadn’t won, these cockroaches wouldn’t be abroad by daylight.

Max French, who attended the event and said he had helped on Zundel’s Holocaust denial cases, said “it was a fitting tribute to a great woman.”

“There was no Holocaust denial going on in there, and if there was, what of it?,” he said.

No one in the room had ties to neo-Nazi groups, French added. But one man who attended was wearing a Blood and Honour T-shirt, a neo-Nazi music promotion group.

Farber said one silver lining of the whole thing has been the united response from multicultural organizations across the city calling for the event to be cancelled and expressing their concerns.

“Ha ha ha, no Neo-Nazis here, just a jolly bunch of white-supremacists. No Holocaust denial–okay, maybe a little, but all in good fun, right?”