The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


Alabama Nazis

Via HuffPo: “In 2005, the foundation run by Judge Roy Moore, now the Republican nominee for a Senate seat in Alabama, accepted a $1,000 donation from a group founded by Willis Carto, a white supremacist, Nazi supporter and World War II vet who famously said he regretted fighting for the U.S instead of Germany.”

Fuck every last person in this prick’s district.


These dumbass fuckers who don’t know history…



Even the people who didn’t vote for him?


I anger tweeted him today…


Your right! Blinded by rage I was. But, I’m guessing that in Ala. people who didn’t vote for him didn’t vote at all.



People who didn’t vote for him might’ve been busy voting in the Democrat primary. Amazingly, there was one of those, too.


But now authorities are citing “lots and lots of digital evidence” of the intentions of the Maryland student. Among other things, he belonged to a white supremacist Facebook group.

I’m sure “both sides” were to blame…



^^^Fascists there (including the governor) are just itching for a big chance to brand “the left” as violent and intolerant.


What about the people who did vote for Clinton, though? They might be in the minority, but it’s people in these sorts of communities who are really on the front line of all these issues.


I dunno about that bloody lip. I don’t see any bruising or swelling. Perhaps dye and corn syrup for a photo-op? I’ve seen questionable alt-right “wounds” before.


It is Halloween season after all.


(LarryWebsite is DSA)


I remember when the right used to yell about “crazy lefties” when the ACLU defended Nazi march free speech.


The medium is the message. And their medium is diapers.



A little shout out to Turlington Hall/Turlington Plaza, where I spent most of my time on campus, shown in the walking freshman and Florida troopers photos.