The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


Nazis eating their own again:

Schadenfreude slightly tempered by the fact that Cantwell is probably correct in his claim that the Feds have no interest in prosecuting fascists.


“For the last year, Foster — empowered by his boss, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, the committee’s chairman — has been the behind-the-scenes architect of an assault on the FBI, and most centrally its role in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to interviews with current and former congressional aides, federal law enforcement officials and others.”



Mother fucker





Facebook started tagging Breitbart stories with a link to the Wikipedia article about Breitbart. Brietbart did an article on that, and didn’t directly link to the Wikipedia article, but gave their readers the idea that it was extremely unfair (aka accurate). Breitbarties stream to Wikipedia to “correct” the article. Wikipedia editor roll back the edits.

Wheee! Facebook vs Breitbart vs Wikipedia. For me, that’s the No Lose Scenario.


Q. Who is Ricky Vaughn?

What a POS.


I’ll see your POS and raise you one.


I really hate people who make rhetorical points with weapons, and seem to think that they’re the only person in the room with a weapon, or that they have a magical neon “Good Guy” sign that everyone can see.

I’d have laughed if, as he pulled it out, someone shouted “Gun!” and tasered him.


Yeah that would work out so well.


The epic trolling of the far-right by Scientologist fame-lamprey Joy Villa moves into the bonus round.

I think it includes a cheat-sheet with the words. Meanwhile, I wonder how her deal with Prager “University” is going now that most of the far-right seem to have wised-up about her?


The cries of a dying industry:



And they wonder why I have no real desire to move back to St. Louis. It is a nice city and all but there are a lot of troglodytes still there.


“The Justice Department special counsel has evidence that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and confidant, Michael Cohen, secretly made a late-summer trip to Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to two sources familiar with the matter.”

“Confirmation of the trip would lend credence to a retired British spy’s report that Cohen strategized there with a powerful Kremlin figure about Russian meddling in the U.S. election.”

“It would also be one of the most significant developments thus far in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of whether the Trump campaign and the Kremlin worked together to help Trump win the White House.”

“A millionaire with his own New York real estate holdings, Cohen has long had family and business ties to Ukraine. His wife is Ukrainian, and he has had ties to Ukrainian ethanol company. He also once ran a thriving taxi business.”

It’s a small world when a lawyer wanna-be taxi company boss brings the Russian Mob to DC,


Bevin’s comments came shortly after Republican lawmakers voted to override his vetoes of an operating budget that included increased spending for public education with the help of an accompanying tax increase.


Okay Ezra, drop your gloves.


“We were exploring multiple options for people to manage and monetise their personal data, including blockchain technology.”

I thought they already monitized people’s personal data?