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CNN now reporting it’s 5 million in tax evasion and various other felonies which would add up to a 25 year prison term.It seems to be that his cooperation will get him 5 years probation,pay 1 mil restitution, and no prison time.

Jesus Fucking Christ, isn’t it great to be a rich white criminal.

I could live the rest of my life on 5 mil, plus insure all my nephews and nieces have college tuition and a hefty amount, if not all, of their first mortgage.

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If it leads to the rest of the bunch getting screwed I can live with this.




(I actually saw the Onion item first, and figured that something like what you just linked had actually happened)


Why the fuck does the National Anthem have to be associated with sports events at all? It’s stupid!

Probably a thread on this somewhere.


Of course you beat me to it.

Cue the 1st Amendment lawsuits when a player is inevitably penalized, or when an entire team gets fined.


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The association between the Star Spangled Banner and sporting events goes back to 1918, though Francis Scott Key’s nigh un-singable magnum opus wouldn’t be made the official national anthem until 1931. It became a pregame fixture in MLB and the NFL during WWII. The NFL mandated that players observe the anthem in 2009 for reasons I don’t understand.

This useful timeline from Axios includes a tidbit about a report by John Mcain and Jeff Flake which states that between 2012 and 2015, the DoD spent $7M on “paid patriotism” displays before sporting events.

The Washington Post has a piece on the anthem and disobedience related to it:


I believe they mislabeled that, as it should be “the worst”.


White supremacy, imperialism, capitalism.

It’s all connected, and each part reinforces the others.


It was certainly mentioned here:

Yup, here it is for those interested:


Florida Man reprise

Who “deserves” to eat at McDonalds really?


I’ll hazard a guess. Trump?



Quislings gotta quisle.




The Democratic mayor of St Louis has moved on from organising the crushing of BLM protests: