The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


True. So everyone needs data.

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And Data needs Spot.

Can we get back to regularly scheduled programming now?


I mean… Nixon’s southern strategy isn’t enough for you? Reagan’s welfare queens? HW Bush’s attack on Ice T for a god damn song? Law and order coded language? The fact that there is a couple of actual fucking nazis running on the GOP tickets? Equating migrants with bug infestation? Calling migrants rapists and thugs? The fact that all the racists in the Democratic party fled to the GOP in the wake of civil rights legislation if they didn’t moderate their public views?

There is plenty of evidence, it’s not my fault you’re unwilling to see it.


Or whispering in the ear of Trump…
Did we get this link yet?


I don’t think he’s getting invited to Mar-a-Largo anymore. Sad.


We did… in the trump inspired events thread. I put up a petition that a friend of mine started (associated with Move on).




“Miller added that the one silver lining was the likelihood that other outlets would soon broadcast hours of comprehensive, high-quality footage of immigrant children being tormented.”

Accidents happen Stephen. Accidents happen.



Trump doesn’t mind support from the very fine people of the Alt-Reich? Let’s see how he likes them on his doorstep. Monkey’s Paw.


Polonium Squirt Guns was a band name that came to mind when I saw this.


trumpist assholes do like their Mexican cuisine no?


For a bit of back-story, one robber baron family has been squatting on the main artery for US-Canada trade for decades, the Ambassador Bridge, and have used every dirty trick and influence to block any competition to their entitlement.

Canada finally said “Fuck it eh!” and paid for another bridge (that doesn’t dump massive traffic in downtown Windsor).

Now these flaming assholes are using the trade war xenophobia to try to protect their monopoly.


In better news, at least this sleazebag family finally sold Michigan Central Station to a company that sees it as more than a potential casino.


@RickMycroft & @gracchus: First, Manny Maroun can go fuck himself, and it’s possible even our Governerd could agree with that.

Second, while I’m sure Micheal Bay has experienced a terrible sad over the sale of the train station (he blows it up digitally in, like, every stinking one of his crap movies), what Ford plans to do with the building is just damned awesome for Detroit. The rest of the planet may really love shitting on Detroit, but the people here love it in spite of the haters, and have been making very serious efforts over the last 20 years to bring the city back to life. IMO, this is a positive step in the best possible direction.


As someone interested in urban issues and who’s rooting for Detroit I found this story really exciting. I know there’s still a lot of poverty there, but the efforts you mention seem to finally be bearing fruit in the last 2-3 years.


Have some of this instead: