The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes



Correct me if I’m wrong here, Mississippi Department of Public Safety commissioner Marshall Fisher and Governor Phil Bryant.

But isn’t a governmental organisation boycotting a private company over it’s assumed political views on pretty shaken ground, first amendment wise.

I’d thinks so. But then I’m just some foreigner, not a true Constitution-loving ‘Mercian Patriot like you guys.


Fox News alum Megyn Kelly, who accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, spoke about Ford’s accusations on the Today Show . In an apparent effort to discredit Ford, she said, “Her lawyer is a well-known Democratic activist. Her lawyer, by the way, was very defensive of Bill Clinton when he got accused by Paul Jones, and said that one allegation of Bill Clinton taking out his private parts in front of Paul Jones wasn’t enough for sexual harassment.”

She then opined, “Maybe he blew her off. This is what defenders would say, right? She been harboring—she had an axe to grind about him and she lays the foundation as a Democrat donor, saying I don’t want—I’m just going with the most dramatic theory.”


Asshole. Close enough.


Legal according to Federal Election Commission, but hardly decent. Almost postal fraud IMO, but that’s not my call.


Austin man behind 3D-printed gun company charged with sex assault involving minor

Karma’s a bitch.


Not unexpected, sadly.


Hm. I wonder if they specifically targeted older voters?



One of the many PAC organizations funded against immigrants, especially Muslims.

As a 501©(4) nonprofit organization, SAN is not required to disclose its donors.[2] OpenSecrets reported that the main funders in 2016 were Hedge Fund manager Robert Mercer, former Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson, Best Buy founder Richard Schulze,[3] and Estee Lauder heir Ronald Lauder, who gave $1.1 Million.[4]

I have to think of those guys as being as much Alt-Right as the tiki-wavers, and more damaging.





“They were drunk. Nothing evidently happened in it all, even by her own accusation,” Cramer added. “Again, it was supposedly an attempt, or something, that never went anywhere.”

“Something that never went anywhere”. Let that sink in - he’s literally saying attempted rape is a-ok.

Cramer warned that it’s going to be difficult to get “good people” for judgeships and government jobs if “this is going to be the standard — if you have to have a perfect record in junior high and high school.”

It’s as if it’s inconceivable that anybody be able to make it through school without committing a single sex crime.

Un-fuck all these people.



tl;dr it didn’t work.



The only way I could see it working would be a plea to have Republicans working the ideals of Ganesh into their own lives, especially the giving and sharing part. It’s that last statement that screwed it up, though.





“Tell me, what boy hasn’t done this in high school?”

Tell me, Gina, what are you going to tell your 15-year-old daughter after she is sexually assaulted by a schoolmate? Or do you only have sons?

Jesus Fucking Christ.