The Gex games are getting a remaster, for some reason

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Personally I’m ok with older games like this being remastered if only for the sake of making them accessible on modern platforms. Gex may not have been the best game, but there are surely people who remember it with nostalgia and would enjoy playing it again.

Much more interesting than Gex however is that the same devs are doing a remaster/translation of Clock Tower:


Maybe someday we’ll also get a Pajama Sam remake

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Some of the point behind remastering old games for new platforms is to make them accessible and palatable to new generations who otherwise don’t know about and have little interest in 10-30yo games.

Never having owned a console, I’d never get the chance to play Uncharted and, indeed, never even heard about it until it was ported to the PC. Same with the recent and upcoming Sony superhero remasters. I dearly wish Nintendo would do some of that for the Zelda games everyone seems to enjoy.

That said, there’s often the laziness and financial quotient. Probably easier, cheaper, and a sure-fire moneymaker to release a popular existing game into a new generational market than risk coming up with a new concept from scratch. The same rationale is plaguing the film and television industry.

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emulation maybe? it’d be great if companies would open up their specs for platforms which aren’t sold anymore

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Emulation is often how people are already playing these older console games, though it would be great if the rights holders would support some sort of legitimate legal form of that activity. The closest thing we seem to be getting right now is stuff put on things like Nintendo’s Virtual Console and the occasional release of the ‘mini’ style consoles.


There’s this but it’s streaming. I’ve only heard of them recently, don’t know what they offer.

That’s what this is. It’s not a Gex remaster. Limited Run Games’ emulator, Carbon Engine, now supports PlayStation 1 emulation and they announced licensed emulation of the PS1 releases of Gex games along with Tomba!. Here’s Modern Vintage Gamer (Carbon Engine developer) on those, at 2 minutes 17 seconds:

Square Enix was trying to attract people to make new Gex games through Collective.

There are companies putting up older games in the online stores of modern consoles, such as HAMSTER’s Arcade Archives or M2’s work on the recent revival of the Sega Ages brand. For hardware outside of mini consoles, I posted earlier this week about Blaze Entertainment; Evercade has been their line of cartridge-based devices licensing older games for emulation as well as indie games. They announced a new brand of handhelds targeting a younger audience which will be compatible with Evercade cartridges.


Ah, I didn’t realize Carbon Engine was actually some form of emulator, that’s very cool.

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