The Giant Hornets that Just Killed 19 People

I hope these monsters never make to the U.S.! Video of them below – wow, just wow.

Anyone know if any colonies or nests of these things exist outside of Asia?

Video not available in Canada? Come on, Youtube, wtf!

Oof! Sorry about that…

“-Oh, and the tarantula hawk. Can’t splice enough, I always say, especially if you can make a magnificent Cazador!-”

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Here’s a couple NatGeo bits available here in Soviet Canuckistan:

We only have Bald-faced Hornets and Giant European Hornets around here. Both are easy to get along with if you stay clear of their nests, and they prefer to nest pretty high up in trees. And they don’t have flesh-melting venom like the Asian ones do!

Weird off-topic factoid: If you put an abandoned hornet nest in a terrarium with a giant African millipede, it will eat every last scrap, the whole nest, in preference to any other food.


I have seen the Bald-faced, which are called White-faced around here. They’re black and white, with yeah, a white face. Apparently VERY nasty stings, but right, not killers like these Giant Asian monsters.

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Which one eats whom?


I actually got my order of references right that time, Jeff!

Millipedes (or, at least, one giant African millipede unimaginatively named “Millie” by a four-year-old) seem to think the grey paper stuff big hornet nests are made of is indescribably delicious.


Mmm - spit and cellulose. Food of kings!

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Discourse certainly is behaving oddly of late; it’s activating some pretty old stuff…

Huh - didn’t realize this was old.

Some bioengineering, cell-to-chip interface, hive mind by way of distiributed computing et voilá - organic killer drones.

That’s true, if you come in near the bottom of a topic, and the last 5 posts are all recent, you could easily miss the topic necro because you wouldn’t see the older dates on previous posts.

(not sure what can be done about that…)

That’s assuming you had a read position on the original topic. If you did not, you would come in at the top and it’d be clearer.

↑ ↑ Problem solved!


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I, for one, will sleep better tonight. Knowing that there a giant wasps who want to kill me, giant millipedes who want to eat the wasps’ homes, and clear indicators of time-gaps in the BBS.

All is right with the world.


What a time to be alive!


Oh, that’s cool, I wasn’t ever planning on sleeping ever again anyway.


I just feel the need to post a pic of a tarantula hawk, since those Fecking yellow hornet huge killing beasts were thrust into my brain.

Used to have them all over the place in Arizona. Second most painful sting.

Oh, and cause I’m surly, another piece of shit aggressive eight legged motherfecking useless… (Calm down, japhroaig). A spider that I had to burn with muriatic acid while it jumped at my face (huntsman).

Sleep tight, dont let the venomous asshats bite!