The Groundlings launch original sketch comedy video series

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I checked their Alumni page and they don’t list Lee Newton (also formerly a host of Sourcefed and now a host of The Valleyfolk). Not one of their most well known alumni but she’s a comedian i follow closely on youtube, kinda sad she’s nowhere to be seen on their site. If i google her + groundlings i get plenty of hits so i know she’s a legitimate alumni.

Anyway… this is sketch series is interesting :slight_smile: hope it delivers.

Was the 4K 16:9 networking video set in 1989 supposed to be funny?

Whenever I hear “Comedy Troupe” or “Theater Company” I roll my eyes with the cachet & prestige the self-appointed titles bring.

I have the same reaction when “YouTube Star” gets mentioned.

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I kept waiting, but the funny never came… It’s like they put the outfits on and said, “look’s like we gotta sketch!”

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Yeah, Shit like that really breaks it for me. This was WAY better and felt more authentic.


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