The Guardian takes down Osama bin Laden's infamous 'letter to America' after it becomes popular in America

You seemed to think he was advocated reform, as all your posts seemed to indicate? But now you agree that the driving force of his campaign is bigotry?


You’re falsely implying that von Clownstick’s so-called “reformism” wasn’t completely grounded in bigotry (“played a part” – nice understatement), and that it’s similar to Sanders’ actual reformism that’s based in an economic analysis of neoliberalism (the same neoliberalism that Biff, the MAGAts and their enablers in the Republican party take as holy writ).

You’re not convincing anyone with this BS argument. We’ve all read what you wrote and aren’t falling for what @mindysan33 (not I intitially) accurately referred to as your gaslighting.

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No, they believed and believe in burning it all to the ground. That’s not reform.


Trump never really cared about reform. In fact one could argue he really never had any political beliefs or platform at all. He just said outrageous things he knew would get cheers and get him breathless news coverage. Not much has changed here.


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