The guy who played Barney for a decade speaks


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a very happy guy but he sure goes for a lot of woo…


Guess he ain’t claustrophobic?


Woo, but not horrible creepy woo at least.

Glad he had a post-suit career.


“Teddy Bear.” Right.

I know Alvin when I see him.


No, rather, “the cancer of typecasting extends even to people in animal costumes.” God save us all from hollywood casting directors.


I suppose bumping into your furniture with your eyes closed is, indeed, “feeling its energy.”


Eventually, these people will find unexpected work as guests of honor at certain type of conventions.


Did he do the voice, or was that James Earl Jones?


I hate Barney, but lots of kids loved him and got a positive message. I’m impressed by anyone who can endure that costume and stay chipper.

I disagree. When he’s droning through his non-costumed roles, he sounds like he’s reading a grocery list. The he perks up again as soon as he starts describing Hip Hop Harry. Guy found his purpose in life. We should all be so lucky.


So being Barney was torture? Sounds like there is justice in this world after all.


Well, according to Nobel laureate and physicist Richard Feynman, that is the technically correct* way to frame it.

Believing you are in direct contact with the physical components of an object is the worst sort of unscientific metaphysical claptrap - you aren’t, you are reaching a point where the repelling energies of the submolecular components of the object prevent you from continuing to move towards it. That repulsion compresses your tissues, stimulating neural tissue to generate chemical and electrical signals, which are passed to your brain. So yes, you are literally “feeling energy” whenever you try to press against a physical object. Unless you don’t believe in particle physics.

* the best kind of correct.


Kinetic energy


Not James Earl Jones, but if I were in that suit, I would have been compelled to scream out, “Nnnnnnoooooo!!”


If by “James Earl Jones” you mean Bob West, then yes ; -) I first met Bob on the old MacCentral boards back in the early '90s – wicked sense of humor, always willing to take a bit of guff, and so glad he wasn’t in the suit.


I worked at a candy store in high school and we had a Barney costume. One day a couple came in and asked if we would be willing to have someone wear the costume to visit their child in the hospital who had cancer. I volunteered and drove to the hospital, put on the costume in a hallway, then went into this little girl’s room.

It was surreal and beautiful and really brightened her day. I’m glad I did it.

I haven’t really been annoyed by Barney since that day, seeing the good it brought to that girl’s life.


Yeah. I had a co-worker who hired “That Purple Dinosaur” for her toddler’s birthday party, and it was reportedly a “break out the box of training pants” level event.

Even though Not-Barney-For-Legal-Purposes had a Queens accent.


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