The guy who started Serbia's ethnic cleansing led a pro-Trump rally in Belgrade


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Bigots of the world: Please keep loudly praising Trump for his close friendly ties to Russia. We appreciate the help.


“… genius, all over the world, stands hand in hand, and one shock of recognition runs the whole circle round.” [Hermann Melville]

It’s like the International Brotherhood of Colossal Assholes. Or, to borrow loosely from the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans: if Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Joe Arpaio, Marine Le Pen, Vojislav Seselj, David Duke, Peter Thiel and Martin Shkreli are for us, who can be against us?

The activists, led by the head of Serbia’s ultranationalist Radical Party
And then he hopped on his skateboard and did some sweet tricks.



… praised Trump for “restoring American pride.”

I’m pretty sure that’s not “pride” I feel when Trump comes to mind.


I have relatives who think the same thing about Brexit.

The scary thing is I know that my dad voted remain (he told me and gave a very good reason why he did), but he seems to be censoring himself on facebook because his friends voted leave.


I have to wonder why Trump’s list of foreign enthusiasts doesn’t make his American nationalist base more nervous. They aren’t…exactly…a shopping list of people who seem likely to be in favor of America being great again, so one would think that their support would be a bad sign at best, quite possibly politically toxic.

It seems particularly weird when somebody like Kerry could catch flak for his suspicious knowing of some foreign words; but “Endorsed by the KGB Czar of Ruskistan!” apparently isn’t a problem.


In the end, they’re right-wing authoritarians whose admiration of the strongman daddy figure transcends nationalism to a degree. They rationalise things (to use the term generously) by believing that his protectionist and isolationist programme will somehow protect them from his fellow strongmen overseas.



Drumpf is the pied piper of racist, crazy people,


“Vote Trump, for future of Serbia.”


Game recognize game.


Speaking of Paul Lynde, the greatest buddy/road-trip movie never made is the one starting Paul Lynde and Klaus Kinski.


Yeah, what a blast that’d be.


Oh, God you are paying attention to him. He’s not an ethnic cleanser. That requires some minimal competence. Oh, and power. Two things he never had. He was so good at drawing attention to himself that he actually got sent to the Hague where, after a tiresome decade of nothing much happening, they sent him back. Because criminal culpability requires some form of accomplishment and he can’t do that, either.

He’s a troll. That’s the beginning and the end of it. This is precisely designed to fuck with Americans and lo and behold, it’s doing its job. For the love of God, he managed to gather, like, three people. You could get a bigger crowd in Belgrade to support Pennywise the Clown for president.

Actually if you think about it, that’s his only positive trait: “Unlikely to cause World War III. Well. Right away, at any rate. Not with Russia. Probably.”


Everthing I’ve read about him convinces me he basically had himself be imprisoned by not knowing how to stop being an annoying git. Even Milosevic thought he was turd-muffin.


To be fair, it’s really easy to confuse “pride” with “throwing up in your mouth a little.”


What else would you call the feeling that you’re a group of lions restraining yourself from tearing out someone’s throat?


Wait, Ed O’Neill front and centre?