The Hall Typewriter: the world's first 'laptop'


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The baby bursting through the newspaper is a nice touch.


Clicked on the “One-Handed Typing” keyphrase. Disappointed.


Then a styles, on the underside of the handle, is pushed down into one of the holes to print that character


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I’d say this is a machine that led inventors to start thinking of ways to make a lighter typewriter. I mean, world’s first “laptop” is a bit of a stretch; this is more akin to the world’s first keypad texting device.

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I have been searching for a typewriter I used in the early eighties for doing equations when regular printers could not do this sort of thing, and papers were regularly done on a typewriters, then photocopied. This particular one had two separate typewriter bodies anchored to a board, and one carriage on a common rail that you could run from one machine to another. The second body had double-height characters for integral signs, sigmas, and the like, plus Greek characters. I have never seen another one like it.

I did all my PhD equations with a pen.


Which was the one Mark Twain lost his fortune on?


I think this may be it. The picture is a bit small, and I remember it was black rather than grey.

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