The hilarious reflection in Bill de Blasio's sunglasses shows what he's really checking out

That’s what’s reflecting in his glasses. He could be looking elsewhere.


He was, given the height and downward angle of the camera.


Yeah, that’s not how reflection works.


Well, maybe if one reflects on what one posted…

Season 6 Knowledge GIF by Friends


I’m no optigician, but it seems like the line of reflection is not the same as his line of sight. But the dude thinks green peppers on pizza is the best topping, so anything is possible.


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Clearly he is looking at her friend.


He was clearly looking at some nice personalities.

Seems like a projection of an intention on a reflection of a projection.


I don’t get it…

Aside from the fact that the song “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades” is sarcasm, it’s so bleak I’m embarrassed to be seen. It’s particularity obvious in the alternate take on the EP “Looks like dark to me”

You must also believe the actor is looking at themselves in the mirror when they are actually looking at the camera. Reflection is hard…


Unless the woman IS the photographer, he couldn’t have been looking at her.
But the appearance is what counts, and that’s why you have to take down the pic.


Sure given the incident angle of reflection he may not be leering at her chest. However, this is some… ahem… “Bad Optics”.


Everyone’s making the point that the angles don’t prove anything, but check out a transcript of his remarks:

DE BLASIO: Thank you for having me. It’s an honor to be here at this picnic celebrating 100 years of recreational softball in the city. You know, I played Little League baseball myself as a kid, and I always remem… ah… I always remema-humina-humina-humina… ahh… AYOOOOGAH! Hotsy totsy, now those are some juicy tomatoes! Woof woof woof! Helllloooooo, nurse!


Seems like it would be very easy to cut out the lenses in that photo and replace them with another funny “reflection”. Photoshop battle, anyone?


Oh my God! Some guy might be looking at a woman’s breasts!
Who to stone to death first?
The woman for dressing like that?
Or De Blasio for maybe looking?

Well, we now know where the four horsemen of the Apocalypse will arrive first, New York, obviously.

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It is a bit complicated. It would be tempting to say that he is looking at the face of the other person in the picture. The reflection could belong to the same person if she is turning her head sideways, though she would get a crick in her neck if we held that use for long.

However, we do not know the optic axis of the camera. This could be cropped from the right hand side of a larger photo to get Bill’s head in the centre. Then the reflection would be of someone off to the right. We do not know his glasses are perpendicular to his gaze if he were looking straight ahead. And we don’t know where he is looking anyway. We have two images, so we might do some interesting 3-D reconstruction of the subject in the reflection, but that doesn’t tell us much.

On balance, I would say there is no good reason to say he isn’t looking at the face of the person in the foreground. But anyone wearing sleazy reflective glasses and saying “the future’s so bright…” has got to be guilty of something.


i’ll play.


I have no beef with the reflection. Serious eye roll, however, for quoting one of the dumbest songs of all time.

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