Ethnic headware

That’s true.

But it is a humourous piss take of the “if I wear shades I won’t seem a creep” thing.

Which is kind of the other side of the coin for those horrible misogynistic batman masks they have in Kuwait and Saudi which force the wearer to look directly at anything they want to look at. All side eye and peripheral vision was blocked. Like blinkers for a race horse.

My jaw dropped when we saw them first.

But yeah, you have no idea what he was actually looking at.


Er, what are you talking about? The full burkas? Or something else?


It’s called a Battoulah I think and the ones I saw when I was younger had a significant jutting out at the nose which seemed to be intended to require the woman to look directly at anything she wanted to see properly.

I don’t see them here but then the middle eastern origin Muslims I know come from significantly more modest backgrounds than the oil scum. Like a whole different world.



Similar to how what is reflected in glasses isn’t what the eye is looking at, I don’t think what is seen from inside a Battoulah is anything like what it looks like from the outside… I don’t think they function as blinders or anything like, just like aviator glasses with side shields don’t. They do keep side glare down…

(Where did you get this idea? Just curious. )


When I first encountered them they were on Kuwaiti women and they had really pronounced outjutting. I never talked to anyone, they weren’t the class of people who would talk to the likes of me, so guesswork I suppose?

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they do absolutely nothing to impair vision and the comparison to race horse blinders is… not great.


I am Bat Toullah


I don’t know guys, maybe ask women who wear these kinds of outfits sometimes instead of making assumptions about them?


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