The history of Priscilla, 1969, the iconic image from Dinosaur, Jr.'s Green Mind

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Remember when high schools had a designated smoking section… for students?


Yup. Mine did until the mid-80s. Then they had to move it outside. And then banned it entirely on school property, much to the displeasure of the owners of the neighbouring houses.


Nope. I remember the middle school teachers’ lounge that was always a bit hazy with smoke, and airport-style benches with built-in ashtrays in the hallway outside of one of my community college classrooms…

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And it must be said, Green Mind is one terrific album and it was released 32 years ago when I was 22 and now I’m going to have a good cry.


We had one, yea. It was adjacent to the main quad outside.
Which was odd of course, looking back given that the age you could buy smokes was 18 in CA at the time - early 80’s for me.
One of my math teachers used to sneak smokes in his classroom. If you got there early and peeked in the window of the door, you could see him standing there near one of the windows blowing smoke outside.
I’m not 100% sure, but I think by that point, the teachers weren’t allowed to smoke in the lounge.
But they were when I was in middle school and elementary.


A school in the next county over still had a student smoking area in the early 2000s. I heard tell that the school wasn’t eligible for some federal funds due to this. That, my friends, is dedication.

sister sister smoking GIF


I really thought this would be a story about the girl in the photo.
Hope she’s doing well. Childhood looks like it was a hell of a ride.


I had the shirt with the cow because it was purple.

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Yep! It was a weird open space out back of the gym, with wide red lines painted on the asphalt. Most teachers referred to it as “The Red Zone.”


It’s funny to me that some people can’t remember their childhoods as clearly as vividly as others, and in turn they need art, like this book, to bring those memories back into focus. I call these people “adults”.

My childhood and teenage years are all too clear so I may never look at Almost Grown, but I’m still glad it exists.


So the minor in this famous photograph that generated a lot of money for someone, never signed a release to use her image? That’s interesting.


I wonder how that works. Thinking of just a couple famous photos (soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima, 9/11 falling man, 1930s NYC workers having lunch on a steel beam) I can’t imagine that a waiver was signed by them or their families before the photos went on to generate lots of income.

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The soldiers at Iwo Jima and the construction workers were both shot in staged events by professional photographers: the soldiers were in a public island newly liberated and under US Army control and under orders so they might not have had to do a release, the construction guys probably did sign releases. The falling man, tragic as it was, was in a public place with no expectation of privacy. I once shot photos of people on a beach in Guam for a scuba gear catalog, and had to get a nice Japanese family sign a release so we could use it in print. Considering that the baby from the Nevermind album tried suing as an adult though his parents signed a release (it didn’t work), I’d say the Dinosaur Jr. people and record company have been lucky so far.


They got rid of the smoking area at my high school between my junior and senior years. It was one of the defining touches of the new principal in order to show he was a stricter disciplinarian than his predecessor.

The rumor was that the new guy was asked to leave a year or two after I graduated. Apparently he tried to cover up a teacher making a pass at one of my classmates. I think it’s pretty likely; I heard the story from one of her friends, and the teacher in question was dogged by some pretty credible rumors. The teacher also left at the same time as the principal; I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

Although the net effect of the loss of the smoking area was a lot of cigarette butts behind one of the bleachers, in retrospect it was inevitable.


What’s wild is how good the new stuff is. Mascis had a ton of control over the big 90s major label records. By Without a Sound Murph had left and J was playing drums. And then Hand It Over was all over the place.

I kinda scoffed at the reunion and Beyond wasn’t my favorite but Farm was a step up and the last three are just stellar records. Not to mention the live still show just kills it and it’s great to see Barlow rocking our Barlow-style.

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This reddit comment could be made up, i can’t find the referenced interview, but it describes someone who could pass as the girl in the photo signing a release sometime after the first publication. :grimacing:

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