This 1987 video of people at a 7-Eleven is a charming time capsule


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That fucken’ RULED!


It is SO WEIRD to see people casually smoking inside a 7-Eleven.


Paid for it with a buck. How much do slurpees cost now?


There was a 7-11 right in my neighborhood…how many happy hours did we spend playing Dig-Dug and Megazone there and spend in and around it just using it as a social hub? Yes, that was a long, long time ago. 2017 sucks.


That felt positively international compared to 1980s north central Florida.


sweet jeebus, that popped collar! and man, seeing that dude just standing there smoking… and what did that guy say he wanted with a 5lb bag of sugar at 2:30 in the morning?? he was totally going to dump it in someone’s gas tank, right? right?


1987 was not that long ago! It was NOT!

OK, maybe it was. But I do remember 32 oz sodas costing 69 cents. And those were usually the biggest you could get, a whole quart! The smalls were 12 oz. Now, the sizes start at 32 oz, right?


I was a junior or senior in college depending on what part of 1987 you’re talking about. We were allowed to smoke in the halls between classes.

Extra credit: I had an Existential Philosophy professor who used to smoke in class (which wasn’t allowed—but it didn’t really matter.)




Or a garbage can with grain alcohol and kool aid. I prefer to think the best of people.


I think everyone is missing a point here.

They where all stoned as hell.


We could smoke in high school in 78. Not in the building but they had a smoking area near the lunch room loading dock…where kids could smoke.
Teachers could smoke in the teachers lounge.


I think anyone of us that was around back then just kind of accepts that they were stoned…


You used to be able to smoke in the lecture halls at my community college, and ashtrays were provided. But they banned it when I started so I never got to enjoy taking notes with smoke stinging my eyes.


Step 1. everyone coming to the party brings a bottle of booze as a door fee. rum, vodka, tequila, bourbon, etc.
Step 2. dump it all in the largest container you have. garbage can, mom’s electric roaster, whatever
Step 3. add 1 bag of sugar (like 8-10 cups) and 8-10 packets of kool-aid.

Makes 5 gallons of sugary booze. Assuming a party of about 50 people where you average about 1 bottle per couple donated. That leaves about one red cup 3/4ths full which is about 6 shots. If you drink 2 of those cups then you’ll be completely wasted. If you drink 3 you’ll be pretty sick. And 4 gets your stomach pumped. (true story)


Oh, I remember. My first drunk and my first hangover (a bad one) after about 3 cups of hunch punch in the spring of 85.


It’s 2:30 AM at a 7-Eleven, I figured that was implied.


Reminder, the camera he was holding was likely something like this one which I had:imgres-13 not a cell phone…